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    Ohio River Map

    Thread Starter: MsgMills

    Hey fellow fishing friends, I'm looking for one of those big Ohio River Fishing Maps. The ones about 12" wide by about 15 or 16"'s long...

    Last Post By: avril10 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Swap meet dates?

    Thread Starter: fishinfreak

    Does anyone have any info on the swap meets this winter as far as dates and table availability? Thanks

    Last Post By: Bass8589 1 Week Ago Go to last post

    New year day tournamemt

    Thread Starter: bassfishing1974


    Last Post By: tournament2000 1 Week Ago Go to last post
    Top Water Spud

    Night fishing light

    Thread Starter: Top Water Spud

    Would you guys please recommend a good light to add to my Bass Tracker? I'm wanting it for bass fishing.

    Last Post By: dragmerc 4 Days Ago Go to last post

    New Carp angler in Frankfort

    Thread Starter: Dust

    I didn't see a new member forum, so I am posting here. Been fishing in Frankfort, and Lexington. Will expand when the sun comes out next...

    Last Post By: KyBass1 1 Week Ago Go to last post
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    Erin Bodnar and Casey Maday get married onboard the Miss Judy Too!

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    Judy Helmey

    Driving daddy’s big wooden boat!

    Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or Not!”

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    Driving daddy’s big wooden boat! Ships In and Ships Out!
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    Mike Gerry

    FLW Tour Coming to Lake Guntersville

    With all eyes on the first weekend in February the 2nd and 3rd and with the return of the FLW returning to Lake Guntersville in North Alabama we have to wonder what type of results we will get from some of the best bass fisherman in the world. It’s never been a guess in the... read more
    Mike Gerry 1 Week Ago
    Kevin Kennedy

    Fishing Tips for Beginners

    Mistakes of Early Fisherman and How To Improve

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    Judy Helmey

    New Year’s Eve at the Grand Oglethorpe Hotel

    Yes this is me sitting on the stern of Daddy’s wooden boat “Miss Jerry.” My mother most likely was taking the picture, because daddy would have never thought of putting the hotel in the background. As you can see it pretty much looks the same way today as it sits on beautiful... read more
    Judy Helmey 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    It's Time to Work on Your Boat

    When winter sets in and you’re kind of looking for something to do to get off the couch I suggest you take some time and work on your boat. Fishing boats get pretty nasty and unless you’re like me and obsessed with keeping it clean then a few hours of work during these cold... read more
    Mike Gerry 4 Weeks Ago
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    muck on ponds/small lakes - how to fish it?

    A swimbait is no doubt good in grass. I normally use a swimjig with a swimbait as a trailer, but it doesn't seem to work when there is muck on top of

    GreenGhostMan 4 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Port rod box

    What is the longest rod you can fit in the port rod box? It was listed as 6.5 ft on the website but would like to hear actual experience?

    dlgfish 32 Minutes Ago Go to last post


    Thanks a lot for your help Shawn.

    KyJoe333 1 Hour Ago Go to last post


    Was down there yesterday.water color at settlers trace muddy and at summer pool.

    snookman 14 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Pickwick Dam

    has any of you guys on here ever fish below pickwick dam, I never have and it is calling my name, anyone that has fished there and would like to share

    waterdog101 14 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Dale 1/13

    you got it, thats the way Rick fishes, using live bait.

    waterdog101 14 Hours Ago Go to last post


    I could be mistake but I take LB. As live bait shiners/minnows are commonly used .

    kstonich 15 Hours Ago Go to last post


    Can anyone report water conditions for Taylorsville?

    toomanycasts 16 Hours Ago Go to last post