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    Fresh water eels?

    Thread Starter: KyDr.B

    When I was a kid, me and a buddy liked to fish the Elkhorn from a place we called "indian rock", (on the Cardome stretch) at night using...

    Last Post By: Teresa 2 Days Ago Go to last post

    Favorite Fishing Quotations

    Thread Starter: sweetwater

    I love all types of quotations. Please share your favorite fishing quotation. I'll begin with mine, "Never forget that only dead fish swim...

    Last Post By: Mr&MrsBass 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    New boat puller! 2017 F250

    Thread Starter: RangerZ520

    Finally got everything done to it. ARE topper, 5% tint w/windshield, WeatherTech floor mats, LineX spray in bedliner. 2017 F250...

    Last Post By: dragmerc 3 Days Ago Go to last post

    Fishing Cumberland River below Wolf Creek Dam Burkesville ar

    Thread Starter: jwparrush

    New to this form does anyone have any information on trout fishing around Burkesville spinner reels

    Last Post By: Buzzy 5 Days Ago Go to last post

    Fishing on Cave run lake

    Thread Starter: kstonich

    I was going to take my wife for a day on the lake. Haven't ever fished Cave run. Would prefer bass fishing and will probably stay and fish...

    Last Post By: Chuck1951Ky 1 Week Ago Go to last post
  • Recent Articles

    Richie White

    Video of over 100 double digit pound bass!

    I started guiding in 1990 & got my first 10 pound bass in 1992. This year marks 25 years since my first 10 pound bass. As far a I recall, I took pictures and/or video for every double digit bass I've boated since 1992 - totaling somewhere around 100 bass over 10 pounds.... read more
    Richie White 1 Day Ago
    Mike Gerry

    The Fall Jig Bite

    With the fall upon us the grass will slowly erode away opening up some ditches and roadbeds to more bait that can be dragged or swam over the areas that just a few weeks ago were stuck in thick grass. With this to me gives you several options to fish a football jig with techniques... read more
    Mike Gerry 3 Days Ago

    Free Fishin.com T Shirt

    Free L Large Fishin.com T Shirt to the "first person" that posts a comment at the bottom of this article.

    PM or email me your name and mailing address and we'llput it in the mail.

    This is what the shirt looks like.... read more
    peter 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Downsizing in the fall

    Itís common every year as the bass make changes in their locations and the fall weather starts to set in fishing gets tougher. This change is constant throughout my many years of history, the fall is always tougher and you must adapt to the changes. The reasons for this, has... read more
    Mike Gerry 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    The Advantage of the Snell Knot

    There are not many times in fishing when a knot can make a big difference in catching or missing a fish except in heavy grass. Sure the knot is always important it has to be strong and tied properly so it doesnít break; the difference though is sometimes a knot can get in your... read more
    Mike Gerry 2 Weeks Ago
    Judy Helmey

    Barbecued Shrimp ŗ la Chef Kelly Plaswirth

    Little Miss Judy Believe It or Not recipe brought to you by Captain Steve ďTriple TroubleĒ Howell!

    During this time of the year you can catch your own shrimp or just pull up to the nearest seafood market! The secret to purchasing shrimp is that you make sure... read more
    Judy Helmey 3 Weeks Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Transition Fishing in the Late Summer

    As we move into the late summer fishing gets tougher and this year appears to be no different the reason is simple the bass scatter more than they do in other periods of the year. Those groups of fish you were used to chasing have broken up for the most part and now you have... read more
    Mike Gerry 3 Weeks Ago
  • Recent Forum Posts


    From Patrick McMannus

    Rancid Crabtree says " The best times to fish is when its raining and when it ain't".

    Mr&MrsBass 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    A few of my favorites....


    "I'm gonna yank his lips off"
    "Freakin machine-gun Charlie down

    Jig'em83 8 Hours Ago Go to last post


    Chronarch 165

    Cardiff 80

    ProCraft13 11 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Bass and Stripers on Lake Cumberland

    It's an old report, but we went on Sunday night during Labor Day weekend and the bass were biting like crazy. Fished points and some bluffs between Beaver

    voeller101 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Favorite Fishing Quotations

    Hook sets are free
    Cross his eyes
    If cows are lying down fish wont bite
    I had an old timer that would say if it thunders fish will

    roadrunner 12 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Favorite Fishing Quotations

    From my childhood "Keep ur rod tip up", "jerk, jerk, jerk", "don't reel him through the eye"

    Some I use today

    luvtohunt 16 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Another Ohio river excursion

    Well how did ya do Tyme? I found buffalo at Dutchmen's dam Fri. But water was real low

    riverrat12 17 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Favorite Fishing Quotations

    Don't know if it's an old saying but in my observation of the river I've always said " If baits hard fishing is easy, if baits easy fishing is hard.

    riverrat12 17 Hours Ago Go to last post