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  • Not All Grass is Created Equal

    As we move further into fall fishing there are keys as to grass that will hold fish and grass that will not. It’s also probable that the key is not what you might think especially if the fall is extremely hot and dry; as these changes all your past beliefs. The fall can really be different as oxygen in the water depletes quickly when the fall gets hot, dry and turn over occurs.

    The first thing you must do in the fall is identify the good grass the grass that will hold fish and give you a fighting chance to catch fish. I know most of us believe that green grass is the key well it is, and it isn’t. Again, the kicker is the weather, if the fall is hot, dry, and steamy it changes all your beliefs, and the green grass is not necessarily the only key to finding fish. Many times, you pull up to a grass bed in the fall and it looks nasty, brown, foamy but underneath there is green grass I contend that this is the change from your must be green or it won’t be good fishing; to, this could be the spot I load the boat. There are many reasons most importantly is the pure fact that hot dry weather depletes the oxygen in the water and nasty brown grass puts off carbon dioxide that pulls and creates oxygen in that area and moves the fish the nasty grass.

    Its also important to visually survey the grass bed for a couple of things bait action moving about the grass and the sound of bream sucking insects off the top of the grass. When you see and hear this, it doesn’t matter what the grass looks like it’s got fish in it and in the fall, this is an important factor to catching fall fish in the grass.
    Lastly look for holes in the grass if it got voids it more than likely is holding fish as bass generally feed upward and when there are visual voids it gives them space to feed to their natural feeding habits.

    Becoming a fisherman that can identity these areas quickly will help you stop wasting time will allow you to quickly catch fish.
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    Capt. Mike Gerry