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  • Specializing in "Trophy" fishing as the owner of StriperFun Fishing Guide Service in KY and TN and TN Walleye Charters, Captain Jim Durham is a licensed guide who has fished the Cumberland Plateau and KY and TN year round for over 50 years. Captain Jim is a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain and is the creator of the “Striper Fish like a Pro” instructional DVD series as well as his own line of fishing lures.



    Provided by Captain Jim Durham - Owner StriperFun Guide Service, Tennessee Walleye Charters, Superbaittanks.com - Captain Jim Marine Electronics & Captain Jim Lures and much more….

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    DATE OF REPORT: March 26th, 2024

    Surface temperature 54.5 degrees

    Greetings to my readers! I hope that the world finds you and your family doing well!

    About StriperFun and Captain Jim

    Captain Jim Fishing Charters Services currently provides multi species guide services on numerous lakes and rivers in KY, IN, GA and in TN! We provide guides on (16) different waterways targeting Walleye / Sauger, Bass, Catfish, Muskie, Crappie, Trout and Striper /Hybrids!

    Captain Jim Durham’s fishing charter businesses are some of the largest and best-known charter fishing guide services in the region. As a former B.A.S.S. fisherman (presented a “Lifetime membership” award many years ago), Captain Jim has been fishing and/or guiding for most of his adult life, for 59 years since he was six years old. Captain Jim is very well known and respected by marina owners, lake area business owners and regional law enforcement.


    My Cherokee guides (FOUR GUIDES!) are all State and USCG licensed, insured and are well trained in CPR & First Aid, with many years’ experience per man! We have worked to be one of the largest and best-known guide services and we will work hard to deliver "big trophy fish". You can count on the fact that your group will be treated with the utmost professional care and safety.

    Cherokee Lake in Eastern Tennessee covers 30,300 acres, is 59 miles long and has 463 miles of shoreline. Cherokee Lake is noted for big Stripers but is also “loaded” with big fat “Hybrid” Stripers as well! The Striper and Hybrid fishing is simply off the chart! 10 and 30 fish days are frequent (TN allows catch and release!), with a limit of 2 keepers per fisherman! The Striper – Hybrid fishing on Cherokee Lake (near Knoxville TN) is very popular with our clients.

    See some nice Stripers on the fish finder!

    Throughout the year we troll Captain Jim Special Umbrella rigs (click this link https://striperfun.com/product/striper-aggravator/) 10 to 30 feet deep on suspended schools of fish, concentrating on main creek channel points. The Striper and Hybrid fishing is simply off the chart! 20 and 30 fish days are frequent (TN allows catch and release! With 5 full-time guides StriperFun offers day trips on Cherokee Lake year-round (weather permitting).

    We also troll live bait on Captain Jim Planer Boards!


    Watch the video of our customer Mike Davis bringing in a nice Striper, using a Captain Jim planer board!!

    CLICK HERE TO ORDER: https://striperfun.com/product/captain-jim-planer-boards/ $60.00 per set – one left / one right (ONLY $30.00 PER BOARD) Plus $9.00 shipping and handling


    The new Captain Jim planer boards are each hand made and are very lightweight (made out of high strength white Lexan!). Although they are lightweight, they are extremely durable and super tough! These boards have been field tested catching 40-to-50-pound Stripers with the bait at close range (only three feet behind the board) with big fish smashing the bait at high speed and really “hard yanking” the planer board! Yet the “tough” Captain Jim planer boards weather this rough treatment easily!

    Captain Jim planer boards are also simply the very best “slow speed” and accurate – straight running planer boards you will ever use! Even when trolling live bait as slow as .3 MPH, the new Captain Jim planer boards will “shoot out” away from your boat. They are also very quiet in operation which can make the difference on days when the fish are near the surface or nervous. When compared to traditional “heavier” hard plastic planer boards that require almost 1 mph to deploy away from your boat, you will love this high-quality – fast deploying planer board!

    Each board is “custom handmade” with high density closed cell foam that is applied with extra strength Gorilla Glue adhesive and is wedged into the middle of the foam (versus just being glued on one side). They include Scotty releases and quick disconnect line snaps.

    Captain Jim commented on the new Planer Boards:

    “You will not find a better made planer board for the price! Don’t pay more for a lesser quality product! USE WHAT THE PROS USE!”



    For several decades I have sold a "Striper Fish like a Pro" 3 DVD training trilogy that was filmed on Lake Cumberland. There is a lot of good solid basic and advanced instructional material in these DVDs. You can buy them or download them on line at https://striperfun.com/product.../striper-fishing-dvds/

    WE ALSO OFFER "ON THE WATER" HANDS ON STRIPER FISHING TRAINING on Cherokee Lake! Striper fishing training trips are $450.00 with a $100.00 deposit, Trips are mornings or afternoons. You can bring one friend if you choose.

    The Striper fishing training services offered are "hands on and personalized" Striper fishing instructional technique training with me "on the water" aboard my boat, similar to the seminar training I do but much more in depth! Training topics allow customers to choose from a large and diverse group of specific areas of Striper fishing they want to learn more about then to "narrow down and focus in on" the chosen subjects.

    Once the subjects are chosen, then I provide very precise and detailed training in a direct ON THE WATER "one on one" teaching environment!


    • Safety equipment - concepts – including attention to weather forecasts, marine radio considerations, float plans (lifeline contacts – where will you be?), life vests and other safety options!
    • How to set your boat up for fishing large predators (like Stripers), including the types of rods, reels, line, weights, planer boards, lures, and hooks you should use for trolling, casting and fishing live bait and the actual “hardware and software” you will want to consider
    • Knot tying, strong knots – double fisherman’s knot
    • Bait tanks, including advice on the best model for your boat and tips to keep bait frisky!
    • Catching live bait techniques including using Hydro Glow bait lights and Fitec Super Spreader bait nets, where to use them in what circumstances, KY bait transporting laws and other techniques for catching large bait in other parts of the lake!
    • BoBo’s Thumper, when and how to use it - demonstrate
    • Trolling motors (focusing on Minn Kota “I” Pilot models), including the best model for your boat, electronic anchoring techniques, speed settings for planer boards, auto speeds control, true north versus I Pilot setting to lock direction, setting of your trails and tracks and other features and techniques!
    • Fish Finder / GPS units (focusing on Humminbird Side Scan models), including the best model for your boat, learning to read a standard two- dimensional bottom view presentation, learning to read down imaging and side imaging, learning to read the GPS and 3-D and numerous other features and techniques!
    • Available “Software” for your Fish Finder / GPS unit. What products work best on Lake Cumberland!
    • Fishing Live bait techniques (every possible scenario) how to fish live bait, from pulling planer boards (canyon wall), fishing weightless, balloons or slip bobbers, down lining, the drop shot technique and bottom fishing tricks!
    • Casting and retrieving lure techniques and what lures to use in various situations and “special” secret tips!
    • Multi Skill trolling secrets using trolling Umbrella rigs, slide divers and a multitude of other trolling features and techniques!
    • Lake Cumberland Seasonal lake information (where to fish Lake Cumberland what time of the year)!Customized subjects not listed the customer wants to learn!
    We normally can cover many or all of these subjects in each 4 hour class (we can focus on as much or as little as you want on each subject or I can try to cover as much outlined here as possible).

    To book a training trip email me at captainjim@striperfun.com or call me at 931-403-2501

    We fish with Captain Jim SOTC Striper Series rods and Captain Jim planer boards.


    You will not find a better Striper rod!

    We cast Captain Jim Special “Striper Magic” hand crafter glide baits for these big fish (click this link https://striperfun.com/product-categ...r-magic-lures/).


    The gift of a weekend package deal (or even a one-day fishing trip) with StriperFun Guide Service makes a great Christmas or birthday present for Dad, a brother or for the family and kids, or can make a great bonus for an employee or a promotion for a customer! We fish year-round and our trips are very popular and our booking dates fill up fast!

    Fishing is family friendly and wholesome. So, if you are interested in giving the perfect gift to that special someone, order a fishing gift certificate today!

    Call me at 931-403-2501 or email me at: captainjim@striperfun.com

    Many of our customers do not initially realize that the Striper fishing is 365 days year-round. However, all of our boats are covered and we virtually fish almost every day.

    We live for this type of fishing and you can too! Come see us!

    Do not be afraid however to call last minute if you want a trip as we have numerous guides and can accommodate your schedule!

    If you have any other ideas, techniques or subjects you want me to write about, drop me a line!


    As a former United States Air Force Airman - military veteran and as a current U.S. Merchant Marine Captain and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Patrol Coxswain (Captain), I understand the great importance that our brave service men and women play in our society.

    We also cannot forget the duty and service provided by our Policemen, Fish and Wildlife Officers and Firemen.

    STRIPERFUN OFFERS A 10% DISCOUNT on all charters to currently active Policemen, Fish and Wildlife Officers and Firemen as well as to all active military AND retired military veterans (with proper verification ID provided by the person booking the trip).

    This is our way of saying “THANKS” to these important men and women for your service.

    God is amazing in his creation! I am blessed to spend another day pursuing my passion of putting clients on big fish on our magnificent lakes and rivers! I give it all to God!

    I am many times asked “What are the advantages to hiring a guide”? In essence, you hire a guide to utilize the guide’s many years of experience and lake knowledge, to learn new tactics and techniques to increase your chance of “landing the big one”. Guides use top of the line equipment and the freshest live bait. Also, if you cannot afford your own boat, it is a very cost-effective way for you or your group to fish (cost per fisherman). Even professional fishermen hire guides to learn a lake and new techniques!

    Spring is here. It is great to be alive and be a “free” American! I look forward to seeing all of you this year on the water.

    Count your blessings each day and live “in the moment”, not in the future and always remember to stop and shake the hand of a person in uniform or wearing garb that shows they are a veteran! Their service is why you speak English, can vote and can enjoy the freedoms you do!

    Remember also to always obey all KY and TN fishing regulations. Following the rules is a must! It is important that we all be good stewards of our fishing resources.

    Until next time, blue skies and tight lines!
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