• Dale Hollow Fishing Report

  • My name is Adam Vogelsang, I live in Louisville, Ky, and I have a houseboat at Horsecreek Marina on Dale Hollow Lake. I target Smallmouth bass 90% of the time that I'm on the water. Any reports regarding other species will be second hand, aka "docktalk". Thanks for tuning in.

  • Dale Hollow Fishing Report

    Hello fellow anglers,

    After a week on the water and fishing about 5 of 7 nights I
    can say that the Smallmouth have moved to deeper water. When my
    vacation began the majority of my fish came from 7-12 feet of water.
    But as the week went on and the heat of the day warmed the water the
    fish pulled out and went deeper. By the weeks end most fish were
    coming out of 15-25 FOW. The smally's are biting hair jigs with a
    chunk trailer and also hitting spinner baits slow rolled right on the
    bottom. Some of my fellow co-anglers even work the spinner bait like
    a jig, bouncing it off the bottom. I have better luck with a hair jig
    that I tie and a Zoom trailer trimmed with scissors. There is still a
    top water bite early mornings and late evenings, Zarra Spook or Pop R
    worked over top of long main lake points are producing some good fish.
    But there is only a small window of opportunity to catch the top water
    fish, in the morning you may have 3 hours at the most and in the
    evening 1-2 hours tops and then they shut off. That's when I grab my
    jig and go to work handing out tooth aches.

    Crappie and big bluegills are being caught under lights at night
    with little minnows (toughies), and I've seen several huge Walleye on
    the cutting table during the day. The Walleye are being caught
    jigging or trolling spoons real deep during the day if you can deal
    with the heat. I just swim and relax during the heat of the day and
    start fishing when the sun goes down. Remember to stay hydrated and
    always be safe on the water. Thanks for reading and as always, if
    you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me
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