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  • Lake Guntersville Fishing Report

    Big fish week on Guntersville, as the top 56 anglers in the world get ready on Guntersville they are met with winter conditions; the good news is the big fish are biting, the bad news is there is limited bites and you canít miss the ones you get. Numbers are down, size is up bites are limited but if you can stay focused through the down times your chances of a big stringer of fish is very good.

    The SPRO Aruka shad was the bait of choice but the presentation had to be one that would make them hit. Sometimes it was just a crawl and sometimes it was a dropping technique and all over the map; you just have to change retrieves until you stick one.

    Focus, focus, focus or you can miss the best bite of the day or maybe the only bite. We fished mainly rattle baits, Tight-Line jigs, Missile Bait D-Bombs and Punisher Spinner baits. Typical winter fishing good size, come fish with me no one will treat you better!

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