• Lake Eufaula Fishing Report - AL

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  • Lake Eufaula Fishing Report - AL

    Water Level 188.86 msl.
    Water temperature 56 degrees
    Water clarity Muddy

    The water levels and water temperature have been up and down like a window blind in the past week. Last week we had seven and one half inches of rain with a lot of flooding up river. The Corps had to move the water through Eufaula to save the folks up river. The msl has run from over 191.00 in the past 10 days to the present.188.86. The cold fronts continue to plague the South, effecting the water temperature. The swing has gone from 68 degrees a week ago to 56 degrees this morning while we were fishing in the rain. The bass are trying to spawn, with the water level and temperature fluctuating, they are in a dilemma.

    The bass being caught are both shallow and deep. The shallow bite, around cover or through cover are hitting beaver and craw tipped jigs. The frog bite is getting better, spinner baits and buzz baits are also working. Texas rigged baits are working on the edge of cover. Shallow crank baits are working around cover and ripping lipless cranks are doing a nice job. Deeper bass are hitting crank baits, heavier jigs and heavier rigged Texas rigs.

    Crappie are slow but the clearing water will bring a better bite. Trolling the edges of drops is a good choice. The deeper cover is still holding fish, the high winds are making it harder to stay outside the creeks.

    Blue gill are still a little ways off, the warmer weather will see better results working creek banks around blow downs and over hangs. The May fly's are going to be late again this year with all the cold. Last year we still had May Fly's in late July and the 'Gill's and Bass both worked hard on them.

    Cat fish are biting better, cut bait on jug's is fun and productive.

    Be sure and visit www.alabamachildrensclassic.org and keep up with the new things happening. Sign up for the free news letter and get the latest news in your e mail box. We will soon announce the latest details from Capt. Daniel Pike, in Destin, Florida. He is offering the Bull Red trip again this year with new additions to make the package even more fun and rewarding for the winner and their guests.

    The weather is really changing a lot these days.Lake Eufaula offers some of the best fishing in this part of the country. Be patient, fish slow and work the areas where you have caught fish. Move to the closest deeper water when your fish are moving. Dress in layers, keep plenty of water and sun screen with you. Be aware of the weather reports and be safe in the main river. It can get nasty in a hurry when the winds kick up.
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