• Rough River Lake Fishing Report

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  • Rough River Lake Fishing Report

    I’m Bill Boyer and here‘s this week’s Rough River Lake Fishing report.

    Water temperature is around 86 degrees with the water level at 4 ft
    below summer pool. Water Clarity is clear.
    Bass are slow to fair and being taken on rock ledges and channels
    with tube baits fished around 16-20 ft of water. While some are also
    being taken on primary points with crankbaits and Carolina rigs. Also
    reports of texas rigged worms fished in shallow cover early and late
    in the day are producing fair numbers as well.
    Crappie are still fair and being taken off brush piles and around
    standing timber in 13-16 ft of water using minnows and also rosy red

    Hybrids are fair and have been taken with shad type baits and chicken
    livers, while surface lures such as spooks in the mouths of creeks and
    coves early and late in the day are producing a few as well. Live
    wild shiners fished around the big island have been the best producer
    in recent days.

    Bluegill action is Good! and being taken in 2-4 ft of water around
    timber and brush piles with crickets and red worms .

    Catfish are good! and being taken on mud flats and ledges with Shiners
    , Bluegill and Leech’s also cut bait such as Skipjack is producing as
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