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    Lee McClellan

    Smaller Waters Hold Crappie Just Like the Big Lakes

    The wild striped bass in a ginger and red wine sauce at a restaurant in New York City runs $135 before gratuity. At a Japanese restaurant in the same city, a dinner of sushi costs nearly $600 per person.
    These are some of the highest rated and expensive restaurants in... read more
    Lee McClellan 6 Days Ago
    Mike Gerry

    The Early Frog Bite

    As we move to the spawn most fishermen forget that some of the best action and fun you can have is fishing a SPRO frog around weeds and lay downs on the edges of the banks. I know it’s hard to believe but some of the best action during the spawn comes on top! There is however... read more
    Mike Gerry 1 Week Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Fishing Specific Spots

    Time on the water has proven many things over the years I have been fishing; nothing has become more prevalent than the ability to catch fish on some very specific structure and a very specific spot. Many areas of your lake can qualify as hot spots the issue is finding these... read more
    Mike Gerry 2 Weeks Ago
    Lee McClellan

    White Bass Runs are finally here!

    It is now the first of April. If you asked most Kentuckians what it feels like weather wise, they would say it is the first of March.

    The warm winds finally began to blow from the South earlier this week and brought the white bass upstream with them.
    ... read more
    Lee McClellan 2 Weeks Ago
    Guest Author

    Vertical Casting for Crappie by crappiepappy

    That’s what I call it, anyway. Others may have another name, or many other names, or may just consider it a variation or part of “vertical jigging”. Decide for yourself.

    What is “Vertical Casting” – simply put, it’s letting out line until the bait hits bottom... read more
    Guest Author 3 Weeks Ago
    Mike Gerry

    Slightly Warming Weather

    When it comes to weather and its affect on how the fish respond nothing changes the bite more than a few degrees of water temperature increase in the early spring time. This year with all the constant up and down weather change, it has been extremely evident. The increase in... read more
    Mike Gerry 3 Weeks Ago
    Lee McClellan

    Now is the time for trophy smallmouth bass

    You hear about Lake St. Clair, Mille Lacs, Lake Erie and the upper Mississippi River as waters that produce the best smallmouth fishing in the United States.

    As far as catching numbers of smallmouth with many of those larger than 4 pounds, you can’t argue with... read more
    Lee McClellan 3 Weeks Ago