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  • Understanding Fishing Rod Technology

    I f you have ever been to the display at one of the Bass Master Classic events the thing that sticks out is the fact that there is a ton of fishing rod manufactures; understanding their differences is paramount!

    That old saying you get what you pay for is also somewhat true when choosing fishing rods but price doesnít always equate to the best product on the market; price generally points to the technology difference in the rods more than the quality. The one thing that you can bet on about the difference in fishing rods is the better the rod the less amount of abuse they will take; in other words good rods break easy when they are abused, like stepping on them or running the tip into a solid object a good rod will break. Thatís just all there is to it, you canít abuse a good quality rod they are to light, thin and strategically built to take poor care of.

    The difference in rods and understanding your needs is the best way to select a fishing rod, the first thing is weight; rods can be heavy, thick and hard to handle for many of us especially as we get on in years. You must pick a rod that you can handle in weight and thickness! It is also very important to understand to what handle configuration will fit your abilities and hand size, split handle rods fit the person with a smaller hand much better that full cork handles.

    It is also important to todayís fisherman to cast with distance, and not all rods technology is built for long cast; just remember the longer the rod the longer casting distance you get. It is also important to understand line wobble affects casting distance, if rods have big guides the more wobble you will get while the line is running off the reel while casting. You must also have an ample amount of guides to stop line wobble, so if youíre looking at rods and they have fewer guides than others the distance you will get while casting can be substantial.

    The differences in todayís rod choices is huge, but with just a little research you can find a good rod at a good price and this is why I believe in the Duckett rod as my choice.