• Keys to Finding Many Different Types of Structure

    As the winter rolls in and the lake changes from one of grass every where it is very evident that you need to become trained at finding different types of structure; Guntersville is so full of grass that it is all many of us look for. The truth is that the lake is full of a variety of different types of structure you just have to become astute at finding it.

    The first thing to become aware of to find different structure is the bank, as the edges tell a lot of secrets about the bottom below. Observing the land can tell you many tales like where the shell beds are located or is there rock or gravel bottom near bye, the edges not only define Guntersville but it also tells the secrets of any lake as the keys are the same everywhere. If the edges are rocky whether it is man-made rock or natural it generally defines the bottom as rocky the converse of that is also true being if the edges are sandy than the bottom is probably the same. One of the most common elements of the bottom is finding land points because if the land is formed like a point than there is more than likely a progression of point running into the water itself.

    It is also a fact that todayís technology is unbelievable you can see the bottom with such clarity that when you are fishing off shore where the land edge cannot be a key, your Lowrance Structure Scan can reveal the secrets of the bottom. You can clearly see stumps, rock, shell beds and more you just have to spend a little lime using it until your eyes adjust to the formations on the screen. Once that occurs finding structure on the bottom is easy as that big magnifying glass showing up on your screen is very telling.
    Use the keys, become efficient in use of your electronics and you will discover the secrets on the bottom of your lake, and your fishing skill will improve substantially. Need help learning how to use your Lowrance units, join me and fish with me I teach these skills everyday!