• Lake Guntersville-We are close to the Spinner Bait Bite

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  • Lake Guntersville-We are close to the Spinner Bait Bite

    No time of year compares in my mind to the post spawn spinner bait bite! You can fish and present many different types of bait for 12 months a year but when the month of May comes along and the bass are chasing the shad on the ledges nothing is more fun; nothing compares! If you want to have fun, learn something new you will thoroughly enjoy rolling big spinner bait over the ledges in May.

    To me itís all about a Punisher Spinner Bait, a color designed for this lake their watermelon with a red and gold dual willow leaf blade slow rolling a 1 oz. blade is as good as it gets. The key is finding the shad chasing the spinner bait, if you can see and feel the shad banging the blades hold on because you are going to get bit and you best hold on tight or your pole will end up in the water!

    The good news is we are close maybe at most a month away we just need the post spawn fish to show up, and the shad spawn to occur. The angler must be on the water at or before first light and you must find the areas of the lake where the bass migrate from the beds to the ledges. If youíre fishing ledges that do not compliment the spawning areas youíre in the wrong place. The main creeks will lead you to the proper ledge areas as the bass will move along the creeks from the spawning grounds to the ledges. Some of the areas of the lake have some deep original creeks where there is 20 plus foot of water, these areas also are great places to roll that spinner bait as the deeper creeks produce their own ledge along them.

    The best suggestion I can give you is the last week of April start checking the ledges for chasing shad; as soon as you see this occurs your on the way to some of the best days of your fishing life!

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