• Lake Cumberland Fishing Report for October 5, 2015

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  • Lake Cumberland Fishing Report for October 5, 2015

    The water temp has dropped to low 70's and the lake level is steadily dropping. Normal fall fishing patterns should be getting under way soon. We are still catching stripers from 65 to 90 feet deep on the main lake on alewife herring. The outer edges of the big flats has been the best for a couple of weeks now. But that will soon change because the fish will soon be coming to the surface. When the water gets to about 70 that is when the jumps normally occur. Several big schools will show up on the main lake and some schools will charge up the major creeks on the lower end of the lake. This is super fun fishing when you get into a big jump. If they don't jump and you have good bait you will be able to find fish from shallow to deep. Saying that each day seems to be different one day limit out 70 feet next day with planers 20 ft. It can be a challenging time of year especially if you don't have good bait.

    This year there has been abundance of channel catfish in the lake. Several people are taking advantage of them with trot lines and jugs. Most people use dead shad if they have access to them. I have not heard any reports of crappie but they will be moving up shallower into the creeks around cover.

    Bass fishing will also improve for most because there will be a lot of surface activity.
    Good luck and God bless

    Lance Sasser

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