• October Should be the Best Month of the Year

    October fishing can only be explained as “Mother of all Months” on Guntersville. Catches of a hundred fish a day are possible. The weather is generally comfortable; a little wind and cooling temperatures will just add to the great fish catches.

    In years past October offers many different patterns, the grass is dying off and the water temperatures run into the low 70’s. The bass have moved into the creeks and feeding frenzy is on. The baitfish is everywhere and the bass are loading up for winter. It just won’t get any better than October for numbers, strikes, action and good times.

    The best news is the bass will hit many different types of baits, the top water bite will continue to be strong and the buzzbait should be catching big fish. The best crank bait time of the year is October; shallow running crank baits like the number #5 Shad Rap will be strong. The rattle bait bite will be back and the action will be all day long with the cooling temperatures. For me it offers a chance to get back on my favorite bait, working Punisher Spinner Bait over the grass edges, points and off the humps. I still like the watermelon color, with the gold and red blade in the fall; I generally fish a little lighter spinner bait in the fall like a 3/8 or ½ so I can pull it over the dying grass on the windy days.

    For you worm fisherman, swimming a big worm should also return as another key bait for good numbers and catches. Lightly weight your worm, beg it and slowly swim it over the dying grass and around the holes in the grass. Hold on tight, as the big bite will jerk the rod out of your hand. The Good Times are Here, October Fishing!