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  • Lake Fork Guide Richie White has been a professional fishing guide since 1990. Richie has top of the line electronics and excellent fishing gear provided at no extra charge, including Kistler rods and Ambassadeur Revo reels. He is happy to accomodate beginners as well as tournament fishermen. Children are also encouraged to fish with Richie. He also provides digital photos and guarantees fish!

  • Lake Fork Fishing Report - TX

    Right now, the fishing on Lake Fork is better than I've seen it in many years. The tiny bass that we were catching last year have grown up to be mostly in the 12 to 16 inch range. I've caught that size fish just about every where I've tried in the past couple of weeks. I haven't been counting, but I wouldn't be surprised if I've had some 100 fish days in the past month. It's definitely as good as it ever gets for numbers - and this week we had some good quality fish too.

    The water temp has been in the low to mid 70s. The bite has been best (especially for big fish) after a cool front, when the water temp gets down to the low 70s. But it has been good even when it approaches the upper 70s. I expect it to be really good for the next 3 weeks or so. As it approaches the low to mid 60s, the numbers will slow down some. But the big fish bite will improve. So we have at least a month of good fishing ahead of us. If the water temp stays around 60, December will be awesome too.

    Last year, the white bass were everywhere - and twice the size of most of the bass. So, I spent more time chasing them than I did the largemouths. But this year, the giant sandbass have practically disappeared - and 12 to 16 inch bass are in many of the locations that held white bass last year. On many of my deep spots, we can usually get a good number of yellow bass and a handful of white bass, not to mention largemouths and whatever accidental catches we encounter (every species will hit a spoon).

    In addition to great numbers, this week we got fish over 6 pounds on a variety of baits and depths including spoons, Carolina rigs, swim baits, and even a big one on a buzzbait.

    We've been catching most of our fish on soft plastics. Our best numbers have been on drop-shots. But the Carolina rig has been coming in a close second - and the overall quality is generally better on the C-rig. The spoon has been catching a ton of bass too. But I think they are just biting good - and will bite a good variety of baits. I tied on a homemade tailspinner and caught fish on my first 4 casts. I did the same with a gimmick lure that I found in my tackle box (a helicopter-type spoon).
    Most of our bass have been from 15 to 27 feet. But we've been able to go to the grass and catch fish in 3 to 8 feet quite well. I even found some fish in some clear water in the back of a cove that I caught by pitching a worm in front of them. Topwater bite is good in the early am and just before dark.

    The fishing is way too good for me to not have trips (my schedule is wide open). So I decided to run a promotion for the rest of the year. 1/2 day is $175 for one person or $200 for 2 people. Full day is $350. My calendar has been updated to reflect the price.

    Here's an offer you may never see again:

    For the first 2 weeks of November, I will guarantee a 2 person limit (10 fish) on largemouth bass on a full-day trip - or trip is just $50 (to cover my expenses).
    If you bring a kid, I'll make a video at no extra charge. This is the time to bring a kid or a beginner or even that jinx that's been to Fork a dozen times and hasn't got a fish. We're catching good tournament size unders, so everyone can benefit from this special.
    You can even say it's for charity. I'm trying to support a family of 4 and I don't have any trips.

    If you would like to book a trip, call me at 214-549-4644. You can see my schedule and book your trip online at http://www.fishingguidenow.com/bookonline.cfm?guideID=2
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