• Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

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  • Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.

  • Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

    Just when youthink the fishing can't get any better, it does!!! The White Bass actioncontinued to get better last week as many of the Main Lake Points are coveredup with large White Bass and small Hybrid Stripers. We caught fish on PelicanIsland, Windsock Point and the Dogleg in 20' plus water depths each outing asthe action was almost non-stop. All our fish were caught on 1 oz. RSR Slabs ( www.rsrlures.com )with a Jig Teaser about 12" above the Slab.

    We also made twotrips up the Richland Creek Arm to catch Blue and Channel Catfish. The actionon "Eater Size" fish was also non-stop on the Cats for the firstcouple of hours each morning! The fish can be found in the heavy timber in 20'or less water and we caught all our fish on Danny Kings Punch Bait on a # 4treble hook. You just can't beat a good Catfish Fish Fry!

    Adam and I haveNovember openings and would love to have you join us for a Fall Fishing Trip.Check us out for trip details @ www.gonefishin.biz or give us a call@ 903-389-4117. We fish year around and everyday except Sunday.

    Have a Great Day!

    Royce & Adam Simmons
    Gone Fishin'Guide Service
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