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  • Lunker Time

    Realization is that most anglers prefer the warmer winter day; I certainly understand that as cold windy winter days are tough on most of us. The problem is if your after a trophy size bass, those nasty cold rainy snowy days in the mid of winter is generally when youíre going to find that trophy bass. The cold is big fish time of year! That old saying a great day on the water is not always the best day for weather can be very true. I have found most of my biggest fish have come on the worst winter day of the year. In fact the lake record caught in 1991 was a cold rainy half snow winter day on Guntersville.

    The down side is, itís hard to stay focused and continually work the proper depths and structure to find that trophy fish. The elements fight against you, your hands are cold, itís hard to feel a bite and most of the time the bites are few making the day long and boring. Using your knowledge in this case is your best friend, know what to expect, dress for the tough elements, bring some of those $.50 hand warmers and put one in each pocket to keep feeling in your hands.

    Donít waste time, fish where the big fish should be in this type of weather, in my opinion this is extended off the long deeper points, ditches creeks and close proximity to deep water. I find that in a bad cold winter day the bigger fish extend themselves off deep underwater points from the first break extending down to 20 feet or more of water. These are all ideal locations for that big trophy bass and with some patience and hard fishing you just might find it a day to remember.

    Lastly fish small baits, work them slowly and make very precise casts. Use your Lowrance structure scan 3D to find the structure where the big fish have the best chance to hide. Work those pieces of structure very thoroughly; make several casts so you cover every angle. You wonít feel big bites youíll just feel a twitch or heavy rod tip, make a good hook set because it could be the fish you have been waiting for!