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  • Christmas in the Fifties

    “Christmas in the Fifties with Dear old Captain Dad!”

    A Little History about this Christmas picture.

    To middle left is a picture of my mother Jerry, to the left is electric mantel clock, which ticked so loud it kept me awake on some occasions. The picture and the clock are sitting on an old style, but new to this time, photograph radio console. To open all you had to do was pull the handle in a down motion and a turntable would fold out. After my mother passed in 1956 we found $1,500.00 dollars in cash hidden behind the turntable. The black pig was a piggy bank, which only came with a coin slot. There was no door on the bottom side. So therefore after the piggy bank was full I got daddy’s hammer out and you know exactly what happened then! The bicycle was a Schwinn bike, which was at the time top of the line. The doll that is standing under the tree is the one I drowned several times in my pool, but somehow she always survived this underwater extravaganza!

    Since this look just like almost the like picture above I can only assume that those taking the pictures had been playing with my Christmas toys!
    Reindeer Snacks!

    My father and I visited “Silver Springs,” which is located in the sunny state of Florida. I was around 8 years old at the time and daddy was getting close to hitting the big six “O!” On our way to Florida Daddy explained about the “Glass Bottom Boats” that we would get to ride in at Silver Springs. I was excited, because daddy could always make a story lots fun. In fact his stories were so good that we didn’t even have to go for that ride, because I felt I had already been there.

    One we arrived we went straight to the area that had the “Glass Bottom Boats!” There was a line of people apparently with the same idea that we had. It was exciting. As the boat pulled up it look pretty normal too me. In fact the bottom below the water line looked just as normal as most boats. I didn’t say anything, but I was a little disappoint at least until I boarded the boat. There was in fact a large framed area in the middle of the boat, which had a glass bottom. You could see everything under the boat. I know I had the “Big Eyes!” Before we left the dock I was being entertained. As we pulled away my eyes were glued to the glass hole in the boat. There were lots of fish, plants, and lots of bubbles. To my amazement there were mermaids dressed in scuba diving suits. That’s where all of the bubbles came from. There wasn’t a lot of color, but it was pretty interesting. After the ride we went over to the reindeer farm, which was a short walk away from the boats.

    And of course, my father tried his best to explain to me why the reindeer were grazing in Sunny Florida instead of with Santa in the North Pole. And he mumbled this and that...but the only thing I got out of it was that they were all just on summer vacation just like me! So therefore let it be known that reindeer do their winters while working at the Pole and spend their summers vacating in Florida!

    As we approached there were lots of deer all anxiously looking our way. Daddy said that they were probably waiting for us to feed them. As we went through the payment line I saw this machine with 5 Cents written on it. There appeared to be cookies in it and they looked like graham crackers. I was getting a little hungry so I asked daddy for a nickel. After getting the money I went over, got my cookies, and started my eating fest. They weren’t very tasty, but what the heck I ate them anyway. As we walked to the reindeer area my father said, “Let’s feed them.” But then noticed he has forgotten to get any reindeer food. I was getting excited. Daddy went back inside to ask about the food and was told that there were machines all around with the food in them. All you needed was a nickel and you were in business. With that, I sure needed something to drink!

    Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! Captain Judy
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