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  • When to use fluorocarbon fishing line

    What I believe is the best time to use Fluorocarbon Line
    My experience with the different fluorocarbon lines has been less than exciting. I have personally found that the line breaks very easy during a strong hook set. In fact I spoke in depth one day with one the suppliers of fluorocarbon lines and his comments were just as non flattering as the my impressions. As he told me that a strong hook set was just not a correct way to fish this line.

    I do believe that there is a place for the fluorocarbons itís just not fishing a rig that requires a strong hook set.

    Its using the line where you need a very fine sense of feel like a deep running crank bait or a top water bait where you donít need much stretch in the line. In fishing both of these types of baits this line gives you a great sense of feel, and at the same time limits stretch tremendously while fishing. You will find that this type of fishing activity while using fluorocarbon does help you catch more fish, one of the worst things that can happen to you while fishing a deep running crank bait is to get an enormous amount of stretch in the line. The first time the fish jumps off he goes and your left in amazement as to how that fish got off, fluorocarbon line allows you to set the hook while retrieving the bait and fish and becomes a fish catcher.

    There are definitely other times on the water that line stretch hurts you and hence leaves a place to fish the fluorocarbons. Just remember if your lure requires a backbone to set the hook your probably well served by staying away from fluorocarbon lines.

    I hope this tip makes you a better fisherman and allows you to catch more fish.