• Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

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  • Our names are Royce and Adam Simmons and we operate Gone Fishin Guide Service on Beautiful Lake Richland Chambers on the fringes of East Texas. As avid lifetime fishermen and outdoorsmen, we hope that we can pass along to you our love and excitement for fishing and the outdoors so that you can create and store away memories between you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.

  • Richland Chambers Fishing Report - TX

    It's been a verygood Winter so far on RC as the White Bass have continued to bite, the smallHybrids of last year are getting bigger now and the Catfish have providednon-stop action. Adam and I continue to fish a couple of days a week and aregearing up for Spring when the slow pace we're on now turns to a six day workweek! Our calendar is starting to fill for the Spring Break Weeks in March andalmost all our Spring Saturdays are already booked. If you are thinking of reserving a Spring Date, we encourage you to do so as soon aspossible.

    Speaking oftaking a Guided Fishing Trip, we always try and ask our NewCustomers how they found Gone Fishin' Guide Service and then moreimportantly....WHY ARE THEY TAKING A GUIDED FISHING TRIP? By knowing WHY, wecan hopefully exceed their expectations and they can go home with lots ofmemories! In addition to the obvious reason of WANTING TO CATCH A BUNCH OFFISH, here's a list of the more common reasons for taking a trip with GoneFishin' Guide Service:

    (1) I need tolearn more about the Lake and where "to go" and "not togo".
    (2) I would liketo learn how to catch a specific type of fish.
    (3) I wouldlike to learn to catch fish in a certain time of the year? Most often thisis in the Winter as many folks do well in the Spring but sometimes struggle inother months.
    (4) I want to beable to use my Electronics and feel comfortable in finding fish. Today'stechnology has provided awesome Fishing Graphs, Trolling Motors and Equipmentthat can be confusing to learn how to use, but is probably the most importanttool to consistently finding and catching fish.
    (5)I want toTHANK someone and give them a SPECIAL TREAT! We have Gift Certificates for thatspecial occasion or person.
    (6)We want aFamily or Group Fishing Trip for lots of folks. Gone Fishin' can handle justabout any size Group Trip you may want! In addition, Fisherman's Point Marinahas great Cabins, a Lodge and Café for the Overnite Customers.
    (7)My Kids havenever fished and I want them to catch something/anything! [IMG]file:///C:\Users\MOA\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\cl ip_image001.png[/IMG] GoneFishin' specializes in Family Fishing Fun and caters to Kiddos!
    (8)I'm a littleolder and have trouble getting around, into & out of a boat, etc. and wantto know CAN YOU TAKE ME FISHING? Senior Citizens get special treatmentfrom me (Royce) as I'm one too!!!!
    (9)Over theyears, we've built a large list of Christian Customers who enjoy fishing withus! Baptist Sunday School Classes, Men & Women's Groups, United MethodistMen's Groups, Church of Christ, Catholic, and the list goes on! If you enjoyfishing with a couple of Guides who fish everyday except Sunday, we may be yourchoice.
    (10) And back tothe #1 reason...WE WANT TO CATCH A BUNCH OF FISH!!!
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