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  • Fishing Visible Structure

    As we keep progressing into the spring bite one pattern that always rewards me is fishing visible cover like lay-downs along the banks, rocky edges that jet out from a point or boat docks that touch creek ends along a drop. These objects are visible and this obvious structure holds plenty of fish in the spring.

    These visible areas and structure are some of the best ways to easily get a limit this time of year; the key is making casts that are accurate and get to the spots that hold fish. In order to do that boat position is one key to making effective casts and hitting the high frequency spots that should hold fish and produce bites. This type of spot fishing around visible cover requires knowledge of how fish position around this cover. Bass like to be just in the edge of the shade and a Y where a branch meets the main tree trunk, or a shady edge on the corner of a dock are areas that bass like to position around. I have found that many times the base of the tree trunk against the bank seems to always hold a fish, it has cover from the sun, the bass can back up to the bank for safety and bait seems to always be around the base of a lay-down.

    Your boat has to be in a position that allows you to get close enough to accurately hit your spots and be positioned where everyone in your boat has a shot at hitting the targeted areas. Power poles are a main stay for me in these types of areas, being able to lock down your boat from the wind or waves so you donít get pushed into the bank become an important piece of getting to the right boat position. I also find that itís time to be quite so you donít spook the fish with unwanted noise from the boat.

    Fishing visible structure also requires using baits that donít hang up easy where the point of a hook is buried into the bait; jigs are always a good choice but there are many baitís that fit this type of fishing. If youíre an accurate caster square bill crank baits are really enticing baits around these targets but getting this bait where you want it can be challenging but rewarding.

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