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  • Red Fish & Dolphin Food

    I am sure you are already wondering “what the heck am I trying to show?” Well, take a look at the top of this red fish’s tail? As you can see some of it is missing. This is not a tail design that this fish was born with. It is what was left of this fish’s tail after a charging hungry dolphin tried its luck at having a quick meal and failed. Although it seems that the dolphin aka porpoises might have gotten a small insignificant taste.

    Over the years, while telling the story about the dolphin greatest food source during the winter time I have fishermen give me a complete unbelieving frown. Well, it is true dolphin love to eat red fish and red fish are seriously afraid of them. The saying, “Scared to death!” is the real thing! I have seen red fish go “so stealth” that not even its schooling companions are sure they are being accompanied by each other. Now that pretty darn stealth, I think you would have to agree.

    Dolphin tale picture by Captain Kevin Rose

    Although the old red fish can completely become invisible, unnoticed, hidden, unseen, imperceptible, and faint the dolphin still seems to know all of their moves. So if age along with experience has anything to do with it and I am certain it does. As red fish and dolphin ages so does their mind set for survival. As with fishermen, some are smarter than others, which mean one most likely can catch more fish than the other. Now you know with time exactly what fish and fishermen have in common!
    My father always told me that for every spot on a red fish’s tail meant that it had survived a very close almost deadly encounter with a dolphin. In some cases the spots just get bigger. Take for instance the fish above with the ripped away tail section..this spot certainly should grow. According to what I was taught this particular fish most likely decided that the spot it is sporting on it port side looks more like an eye than the seeing one! So therefore the dolphin is going for this fish’s tail every time!