INTRO BY JUDY: Well, my good old fishing partner, like a brother, and best-est customer of all times and I are going to try something special! Captain Steve “Triple Trouble” is going to take some of my recipes that I have been hoarding for many years, cook them according to my recipe, and then he is going to write the Captain Judy Recipe Corner by Captain Steve “Triple Trouble” Style! This is the second recipe that we have published! I hope you didn’t miss baked beans recipe, but if you did please let me know!

    PS: You are going to notice right off that Captain Steve will not be murdering the King’s English as I so often do! Also I would like to add that this pie is certainly a crowd pleaser. I know looking at the ingredients it doesn’t seem that this recipe could possibly go into this good tasting, wanting more, and never have enough pie eating mode. However, it does happen. I have had guests over for a tomato pie fixing party and believe me when I say, “There are never any leftovers, because everyone wants to eat and then take the rest home!” As far as what should you serve with your tomato pie? More Tomato Pie!

    Hey folks. Captain Triple Trouble here again. This edition of Captain Judy’s Recipe Corner features a scrumptious recipe for tomato pie.

    Early on, when I first started fishing with Captain Judy, I took my first trip to the Savannah Snapper Banks. Being a child of the New Jersey Shore, I was accustomed to relatively short rides to the fishing grounds. So, after 2 hours of running time from Judy’s dock, I was getting antsy and asked Judy and her trusty mate, Captain Alli Young, whether we would get to the Snapper Banks before the turn of the century Bad move.
    For the remaining 30 minutes of the ride, Judy and Alli discussed with me various methods of alternative parentage. I think the basic message was Shut Up! I did. And, once we got there, we caught grouper, snapper, triggerfish, jumbo sea bass, any manner of porgies, and God knows what else. Life was good.

    On the way back in, Judy and I got to talking about food, which is when I learned that Judy was an avid cook. She said, “One of these days you need to come eat supper with us”. Sure enough, shortly thereafter my family had the first of many wonderful dinners prepared by Chef Helmey.

    The menu was Judy’s famous oven-barbequed spareribs, baked beans, and a wonderfully rich tomato pie. After the first bite of that pie, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! My wife liked the pie so much that I don’t think she ever got to the ribs or the beans! We begged Judy for the recipe and, as always, she was happy to share. Here it is in Judy’s own words. Enjoy!



    2 Marie Callender’s 10-inch deep dish frozen pie shells
    2-4 fresh tomatoes (3 medium)
    4-5 stalks of scallions
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 ˝ cups shredded medium cheddar cheese
    1 ˝ cups shredded mozzarella cheese
    1 ˝ cups mayonnaise
    2-3 Tablespoons dried basil

    Judy’s Instructions:
    Please remember I have not left any secret ingredients or necessary steps out in my recipes. It’s very important that you read the entire recipe before starting, because there are certain steps that have to be followed out in detail or your pie will not fly!
    Wash tomatoes and let dry. While holding over a bowl peel the tomatoes and cut in small chunks keeping all juices. Leave the chunks of tomato and the juices in the bowl.
    After thoroughly washing and cleaning your scallions onion real good, cut damaged areas off. Also remove any loose green tops or layers off onion itself. These areas can hold dirt, which equals grit in your pie. This is not very pleasing to a nice bite of pie. Then I chop the entire scallion onion in about one-inch pieces and add to bowl of tomatoes.

    Next take the dried basil put in your palm while holding it over bowl of tomatoes, smack your hands together rubbing the spice, and letting it fall into the bowl. I know this sounds crazy, but I was always told as a child that the best way to get a spice to work is to first “wake it up!” I call this “spanking the spice!”

    Stir all of these ingredients together and cover bowl with damp cloth. It’s important to do this so that all ingredients “can marry up!” (At least 60 minutes plus). Do not refrigerate, put on cabinet, let it just sit, and forget about it.

    Now it’s time to brown your pie shell to your liking. I like my pie shell color to be a medium brown. I always have more than one box of pie shells on hand, because I either burn them up or drop them. I always just follow the directions on pan for browning. If the center starts to rise, which is sometimes does, just pierce it and it will fall. Once this goal is accomplished, set aside to cool. Meanwhile, heat your oven up to about 350 degrees.

    Remember, it is important to buy more than one box of frozen pie shells. I like using Marie Callender deep dish frozen pie shells. However, you can purchase any brands that you have used before and liked.

    It’s time to make the pie topping.

    In a big bowl start grating the cheeses. I don’t suggest purchasing cheese that is already grated. It just doesn’t taste right in my pie. In another bowl you need to mix both grated cheese and mayonnaise. I have tried this pie with both store bought grated cheeses and with me grating my own. Personally and for the pie’s sake I suggest going to the trouble of grating your own, because in the end it will pay off when in the taste test mode!

    I listed 11/2 cups of mayo. However, I really never measure this stuff. I just combine these ingredients together until they are the consistency I like. I basically love mayonnaise. However, you can stick to the 11/2 cups if you would like!
    It’s time to load up the pie. Using a spoon with holes, dip out tomatoes/onions from bowl and lay into the browned pie shells.

    The cheese mixture is your topping. It should be plunked down heavily on the center and then spread lightly to the sides.

    When cooking, the topping goes into its own self-spreading mode and spreads evenly over the pie. I can suggest cooking your pie from 30 to 45 minutes watching it as you go. On my first couple of pies I didn’t let them cook long enough. To get your best taste the pie needs to cook enough to seal the deal! I like my pie to be totally brown and crispy on top. (Not burnt). I like for the juices to be little and none. Once out of the oven, let cool, and cut in pie size pieces.

    This recipe is great served with anything, but it won’t matter what you serve with it, the pie will be the first to go. If you do happen to have any leftovers, wrap tight with aluminum foil, and put in refrigerator. It’s even better the next day!

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy