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  • The Truth about Bridge Fishing

    When the late winter early spring time of year becomes upon us you always notice lots of boats fishing around the bridges. You can travel any lake this time of year and notice boat after boat either tied up to a bridge or fishing along the outside of it. The fact is that the narrowing points and deep water where the bottom was dug out to hold the bridge structure become attractants for many types of fish.

    You can run your Lowrance electronics and scan the bottom around the bridges and if you know what they look like you will see tons of crappie, white bass and more just stacked on top of each other around the bridges. This has been a normal occurrence for years and years; there is nothing more interesting than scanning around a bridge it just lights up your electronics. With this noticeable amounts of fish there is also large amounts of bait fish; I have seen the bait fish so thick around these bridges that your electronics gives you a false depth because the bait is too thick for your unit to get an echo to the bottom allowing you to get a true depth from your electronics.

    When I see the bait this thick is when I generally start fishing the bridges as this much food source is just to enticing for the big bass to ignore and they are generally stacked there with all the other species of fish looking for an easy meal. The problem is there is generally many other boats that have found the same large amounts of food source and the bridge becomes a community fishing hole for many fishermen.

    The safety issue and annoyance issue with all the boats becomes a problem and words tend to lead to circumstances you would rather not see. The fact remains that it is illegal to tie your boat up to these bridges as you must allow access from boats on both sides and that is where the problem begins. If you are going to fish the bridges, be courteous and respect the boats coming through and maybe you can have a little respect for your fellow fisherman and avoid some bad feelings or more.