• Captain Judy & Captain Steve's Triple Trouble Recipe

    Well here we go again with the latest edition of Captain Judy’s and Captain Steve “Triple Trouble” Recipe Corner.

    Ribs BBQ Captain Judy Style
    Rack of short or regular spare ribs
    Large aluminum turkey roasting pan
    Garlic powder
    Salt and pepper
    Water (sometimes beer and water)
    BBQ Sauce (store brought or homemade, I use Kraft Thick and Spicy Honey) see Captain Judy Personal BBQ sauce recipe below!

    My secret to cooking ribs is to season them the night before if possible. And then basically steam them done.

    First I peel the membrane off the bone side of the ribs, which lets the seasonings get in the meat better. I then take the ribs and put them in a turkey pan, season both sides with garlic powder, salt, and pepper, tightly cover the turkey pan with aluminum foil, and put in refrigerator overnight. It’s not necessary to do this over night. I just like to get my ribs aged in the refrigerator overnight, but I have had to cook them with just a few hours of aging. (An overnight stay in the refrigerator allows the season to marry into the meat!)

    My most favorite way to cook the ribs is on the grill but you can also cook them in the oven. First you peel back the aluminum foil and pour in two cups of water in the pan and then re-seal the pan tightly with the foil. Then let the ribs cook at medium heat (about 350 degrees). You will probably have to keep adding water, because it can steam away. The secret is to not let the ribs stick to the bottom of the pan. As the ribs steam they cook and they soften up on the bone. After the ribs are completely cooked remove from grill and pour off any water, which you should save for making for the best pork rice ever (see below).

    Once you feel that the ribs are completely cooked (basically almost but not quite falling off the bone), it’s time put them on the grill or under the broiler if using an oven. However, before all of this you need to decide about your BBQ sauce. Some people say the secret is in the sauce, which makes the meat taste good. In my case the meat already tastes good and you could serve it without sauce after you browned it on the grill. However, sauce added just makes my meat even better.

    I always use Kraft Thick and Spicy “Honey!” Not only is it very good, it’s priced is right!! As with anything else right out of the bottle it is good, but when you heat it up for a while then serve it’s oh so good!

    After placing meat back on the grill brush the top generously with your selected type of BBQ sauce. Then quickly flip it over and paint the other side. Now let the side down brown a bit, then flip, and repeat painting procedure. I just keep doing this until I have it cooked to my desired brownness. Whatever you do don’t overcook!! Enjoy!

    Side Dish:
    Captain Judy’s dirty rib dropping rice!

    If you saved the drippings from steaming the ribs, you can make a wonderful pork flavored rice side dish. You will need regular rice not quick cooking rice and the liquid you poured off from the ribs. Instead of adding the amount of plain water called for on the bag use the drippings from the ribs. If you don’t have enough drippings, you can add water to get the right total amount of liquid for the rice. Then just follow the directions for cooking the rice. For those that don’t want any fat in their rice, please let droppings cool, skim off fat, and re-heat so that you can mix into raw rice. This is a great comfort food dish that goes oh so well with my ribs.
    Captain Judy’s Sweet and Sour BBQ Sauce for Pork or Beef!

    1 bottle ketchup
    ½ stick of butter
    ½ cup of white vinegar
    ½ box of brown sugar (the darker the better)
    1 ½ teaspoon prepared mustard (heavy squirt)
    11/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (heavy splash)
    Salt and pepper to taste (Maybe most of the time seasoning from meat will take care of this!)

    I use this amount of BBQ sauce on 1 rack of pork ribs, 6 large single cut beef ribs, 4 turkey drum sticks, or whatever meat you would like.
    Season your meat and put aside (see rib recipe)
    Melt butter in pot and add ketchup and ½ cup vinegar. (I add water, about ¼ bottle’s worth, into empty ketchup bottle, shake it getting all leftovers, and then pour in.) And then add all other ingredients and stir. Let it simmer about 30 minutes. This is one of those sauces that require a bit of tasting getting the formula right. It’s the type of sauce that can be made sweeter or sourer with just addition or less used brown sugar. It needs to cook so that it gets all seasons married properly. Once you let it simmer a bit it will be up to you to add the rest of vinegar or even more if you would like.
    For those that like to BBQ on the grill this is the sauce for you to try. I like it on pork/beef ribs and chicken/turkey. . I like cooking a fine rack of pork ribs and big single beef ribs. I really latter with BBQ sauce and then let it the grill do its job. Believe me this will be one of those meals that’s going to require a lot of napkins and maybe even a drop cloth!

    Ps..I suggest if you have any leftover sauce to keep it in warming pot, because you will have plenty of takers!

    We have Captain Triple Trouble Steve with Captain Kathy Brown holding up double black sea bass! What do we have here? What do we have here? A couple nice sea bass and one heck of a fine advertisement!

    Steve and I have been fishing friends for a long time! And we decided to share some of our grand recipes! I think you are going to like these! What below? Ribs BBQ Captain Judy Style, rib dripping dirty rice, and sweet/sour BBQ sauce!