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  • The Solar Lunar Table

    With so many weather changes and the up and down of fishing in the past few years many people are starting to use the Lunar Table to predict their fishing day. The table gives you some good information on feeding times, length of feeding time and the moon phase associated with it. The tables are formulated from the position of the earth in relation to the sun and moon. Hence these phases predict a minor and major feeding time where the major periods are forecasted to last 2 to 3.5 hours and a minor period lasts approximately .75 to 1.5 hours of-predictability.

    The table is broad in spectrum and divides the country into the four time zones where you can easily interpolate your location by adding or subtracting your location in minutes depending on where you are in correspondence with the chart. The table gives a time of day associated with it for the morning and the afternoon that defines the best periods of that day for the fish to be feeding. After you adjust for daylight saving time by adding an hour to the best times you have your feeding times that give you according to the charts your best advantage to catch fish.

    How accurate all this is really depends on your personal beliefs in the Solar Lunar Table practices; hence there are many sayings that become associated with the height of the moon whether itís over head or beneath foot all have relationships to the table. You can look these sayings up and put the table in front of you and see how they relate to the current table and understand these beliefs and their associated predictions. Itís not a perfect science by any means however I believe the feeding times are very accurate and can give you a leg up on trying to be on your best spot for the most predicable feeding times.

    The Solar Lunar Table comes out monthly and can be viewed on most fishing magazines or looked up on the internet easily. If you have kept information on your many years of fishing as I have you can go back and put up the table and see how efficient the table really is. With fishing so popular the table may bring you some confidence to get back out on the water during productive fishing times.

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      Great info. to add to the planning equation!