• Captain Jim's Cumberland River Report

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  • Specializing in "Trophy" fishing as the owner of StriperFun Fishing Guide Service in KY and TN and TN Walleye Charters, Captain Jim Durham is a licensed guide who has fished the Cumberland Plateau year round for over 50 years. Captain Jim is a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain and is the creator of the ďStriper Fish like a ProĒ instructional DVD series as well as his own line of fishing lures.

  • Captain Jim's Cumberland River Report

    Monster Striper fishing VIDEOS filmed on the Cumberland River!Ē

    Please see below links for just a few of the recent videos filmed by my company StriperFun on the Cumberland River of customers catching big Stripers from 27 to 53 pounds! Click on any of the videos and enjoy the great action!














    Here is a nice Sauger video:


    We have MANY MORE GREAT VIDEOS like this on our Facebook page - StriperFun.

    The Cumberland River is a world class Striped Bass fishery. Year after year she continues to produce massive fish! We fish the Cumberland River just south of the KY border (TN allows the use of Trout as bait) and when you use large Trout as bait we only target big Trophy Stripers!

    This year we have already had visitors from as far away as Florida, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California and many other far away States who made the trip to fish these world class waters of the Cumberland Plateau. I always enjoy having first time visitors on the boat and seeing their reaction to the beautiful Cumberland River area as well as their reaction to the spectacularly huge fish we catch!

    I hope to see you soon!

    Captain Jim Durham
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