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  • Fishing Easter Basket

    As long as the world is into gifts and Easter appears to be one of those giving dates in time letís explore what might go easily into your fisherman Easter basket. First of all eggs with candy in it just donít get it. So empty the eggs and put some small bait in the egg shells that a fisherman would enjoy worm weights or swim bait spin heads they will fit just fine in the plastic egg and give your Easter Fisherman something he can use.

    Now that youíve taken care of the eggs instead of filling the basket with colored shredded paper to give it color, get about four spools of fishing line take a cheap roll of monofilament and pull it off the spool and make circular gobs of line to lie around the basket. If youíre really creative you can get different colored line and make fishing type images with the line and tie them around the basket to look like a fishermanís basket. Now that you have the decoration completed, lay the good line in the packages around the basket for the gift so your loved-one doesnít think you just ruined a bunch of line. I would purchase some braid, maybe 50 lb. test some fluorocarbon probably 15 lb. test and a spool or two of a sinking line like a mono or copolymer line in 17 lb. test for his gift and spread around the basket. It also appears to me that the basket needs to have something of real value, I would purchase a couple of new fishing reels probably 6:3:1 speed and put them in the basket as your main gift. As we are all about making the basket pretty and wrapping it up plastic, go purchase a fishing weigh-in bag and wrap the basket with the fishing bag and bow-tie it at the end of the weigh-in bag to give it that Easter Holiday look.

    Now you have your fisherman something that he will appreciate for Easter, you have done your duty as a well-rounded supporter of his fishing habit and your Easter Fisherman has some things he can really use and appreciate. I just canít imagine the expressions on the face of your fisherman when he opens your Easter Basket gift; it will be a Kodak moment!