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  • The ideal Fishing set up

    With all the tackle, boats rods reels and more available today many folks get a head ache trying to coming up with what many would consider the ideal set up to bass fish; oh and maybe have it cost a reasonable price. If I can be just a little off-beat I will try to give you my take on all this in the eyes of what I would consider a weekend fisherman.

    Letís first start with the most obvious that being a boat, if youíre not trying to impress your neighbor there are many ways to find a boat that will work efficiently for the weekend fisherman. I would look for a bass boat that has at least 2 years of warranty on the motor; even if you made a bad choice with a couple of years of warranty left your protected from getting just a bad deal and motor that might be a big time problem.

    Rods reels and tackle are a little simpler, you donít have to have everything at once, pick a few baits you believe you can be successful with and purchase rod and reel or set up that will work with the baits you have chosen. Type of reel, speed of reel and having a good break system are the important issues with reels. Once you have choose the baits you want to start fishing you need to match the baits to the set up that allows it to perform as the manufacturer of the bait suggests. If there is one suggestion I have for all is the cheapest reel and rod is not the way to start fishing. Good equipment makes a big difference in fishing, it doesnít have to be the most expensive but it does need to be a quality supplier. Cheap gets you headaches, expensive cost you hard earned money but quality at fair prices makes your day much easier on the water. Rods are as important as reels; certain baits require a rod with the stiffness yet strength to work the bait. If you purchase the wrong rod for the bait you have chosen then you will be annoyed the whole day on the water. Make your equipment choices simple, at a fair price with good quality and you will be much happier on the water.