• New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry June 2017

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  • Capt. Michael Savedow / Edgewater River Guide offers Florida Mosquito Lagoon Flats Fishing and Indian River inshore saltwater fishing charters. See my website at http://EdgewaterRiverGuide.com/ Call me anytime at 386-689-3781 Located near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, & Orlando CHILDREN WELCOME - FAIR PRICES Trips for 1 to 4 people

  • New Smyrna Beach Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry June 2017

    Summer2017 has been off to a great start for IndianRiver and MosquitoLagoon backcountry fishing here at New Smyrna Beach Florida, waterquality remains good, large numbersof bait fish schools through out the area, with mullet, pilchard, andmenhaden. Morning weather has been great with pretty skies, lightwinds, and backwatersfull of life, early morning surface striking game fish like Seatrout,Jack Crevalle, and Ladyfish eating minnows as well as jumping shrimp,on the edges and deeper holes we have also been catching Redfish,Black Drum, a few Snook, aswell as summer Whiting, Croakers, Spots, and lots of MangroveSnapper, most eatingour live shrimp baits.Hunting Redfish on the grass flats of the Lagoon is a fun summerchallenge to find and cast to shallow water Reds, regular clientRobert from Daytona out with me recently got to see tailing Redfish,casting to a small school hooking up with this 28” fish alsocatching a couple other Reds and several Seatrout………………..

    Regular client Don also fromDaytona brought his visiting friend along on another back countrytrip catching all the usual different species along with a qualitysize Seatrout………………

    Repeat client Dwayne andfamily had a fun time on another back waters variety fishing tripwith lots of catching, 9 year old Alex caught the big one a fineBlack Drum…………………

    Donfrom Texas brought his son, nephew, andsister again on anothermixed bag trip while on their annual Florida vacation, another funtrip with several Black Drum, Seatrout, Snapper, Jacks, Ladyfish anda few Snook including this nice 2 foot linesider caught by Don……………..

    Newclients Pat and Chuck from Palm Coast Florida had a great time in thebackcountry catching all the variety fish topped by Pat’s bigRedfish which just hadto have our free lined shrimp………………..

    Repeat summer clients, 2couples from Georgia came hunting Reds on the flats hooking severalskinny water spot tails, Michelle with her good Redfish………………

    …..Josh landed a qualitySeatrout while sight fishing the flats…………..


    …...and wife Jamie alsocaught of one the good shallow water Reds……………...


    [FONT=Liberation Serif, serif]IndianRiver and Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry and Flats Fishing[/FONT]
    Near Daytona Beach, New SmyrnaBeach, and Orlando, East Central Florida

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