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  • Some Muddy Water Fishing Advice

    With the pure fact that we are having a rainy summer and the projections are that these daily rains are on the horizon for the future; here are a few tips for those rainy muddy days as we progress through the summer. If the future projections are correct we will see a lot of rain going forward for the summer this will create more high water, run off from the fields, roads and farm lands will continue and these situations will create high muddy water and most of us that stay focused on fishing will have to deal with it.

    Here are a few tips and ideas on how to deal with these conditions. First and foremost the basics of fishing tell us that high water pushes the fish shallow, they head to safety along shallow spots as the water level increases. This doesn’t always mean they head to the banks but there are many shallows areas around any river impoundment backed up by dams as humps, ledges and debris create high spots in any river system.

    The next important issue is bait selection, I believe there is certain baits that perform well when the water is high one of them for me is one of my long-time favorite baits that being a Punisher spinner bait. Those who know me understand my love of this bait, the vibration and flash of spinner bait is easily seen and detected by a bass when the water is muddy and/or high. When you find mud lines in the water which is fairly common in summertime muddy run-offs create the ideal situation to roll spinner baits along the mud lines. The flash of the blades and the vibration can be one of the best ways to create bites and put some good fish in the boat.

    These conditions also for me create ideal situations for the Picasso Shock Blade vibrating jig, this again falls in the same type of visual importance to catching bass as the spinner bait. With the latest bright colors and size and weight of these baits fishing them along mud lines either horizontally or vertically can be a big asset. Vibrating jigs are great noise makers under the water, they move water create noise and add bright colors of todays baits you have an ingredient for some big bites and good numbers of fish.

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