• Pickwick Lake Fishing Report - TN

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  • Enjoy fishing in Pickwick Tennessee or anywhere in the Pickwick area with an experienced area guide. We will take you on a guided fishing trip for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass,WhiteBass, Stripers(Rockfish),Catfish,Sauger and other Tennessee River fish. We take individuals and groups.We do half days and whole days. We provide all the tackle for the trip.We also provide drinks but your welcome to bring your own.

  • Pickwick Lake Fishing Report - TN

    Pickwick Lake Elevation 414
    Water Temp. 85
    If the wind is down and the water is calm a walking bait like Strike Kings Sexy Dawg will attract a lot of fish in shallow water areas or main lake points. Walking baits have always worked well on Pickwick and they are really fun to use. If the water is a little choppy I like to use a Strike King 3 blade buzz bait. After the top water bite is over throw a series 3 crank bait in the same areas you were catching fish on topwater baits. Usually by 9am you will need to move out to deeper water especially if the dam is generating current. Throughout the day look for bass in deep water on your depth finder in 15-20' of water. You can usually catch these deep water fish on Series 6XD crankbaits.

    Striper fishing has been productive. Early in the morning you can catch a few on the Strike King, King Shad and Wild Shiner Jerk baits. If you can, catch a few small bluegill and use them for live bait. Use a 2 or 3oz weight with the live bait to get your rig to the bottom. Drift from the Dam downstream as far as the powerline crossing and if they are feeding on the bottom you are sure to catch some big stripers!

    The catfish have been really biting. I have caught several catfish on nightcrawlers and cutbait ( from skipjack), fishing in 20' of water with a 1oz jig an 2/0 hook. On all of my catfishing trips lately we lost count of all the small catfish we caught and we also caught several catfish in the 5-10 pound range. The biggest catfish we have caught on a guide trip over the past two weeks has been 25 pounds on cut bait.

    Compliments of Clagett Talley 731-607-5266 or www.pickwickareaguide.com
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