• July 28th Lake Guntersville

    Guntersville Bass Guides
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  • Professional Fishing Guides for Lake Guntersville in Alabama. We fish out of a Phoenix Bass Boat with Duckett Rods n Reels We will utilize lasted in electronics by Lowrance And a host of tackle, all provided for you. Please feel free to bring you own gear if you are more comfortable doing so. . We also provide bottle water and ice. We are now offering Smallmouth trips!

  • July 28th Lake Guntersville

    Wow it's hot out there and the fishing is really good as well.
    Lake Guntersville is really fishing well the best I've seen in awhile.
    Discovered a new area and we caught them so fast we decided it would be a good opportunity to get a pic together like old times. And just yesterday took Tim fishing doing something totally different from the last month or so and we had a great day and we fished 9 hours in the heat and it just flew by, we caught fish all day and we was doing something that I just absolutely love doing.

    I've been able to go from ledge fishing to grass fishing and catch them doing this. Some days the deep bite isn't jiving and the grass is or vise versa.
    When we go grass fishing it's still a great worm bite, now the C-Mac is till producing but we've scaled down a little to a Big Thump and it's like they haven't seen one before and it comes through the grass real easy.. Keeping with a 3/8oz Picasso Tungsten. 8 foot seems to be the sweet spot .

    Now when we go out deep we use Lowrance Structure Scan to locate them then I can determine if they are in a feeding mood or not. We've been starting with a 4x4 Football Jig in Green Pumpkin with a NetBait Baby Paca Craw and if that's not it then it's a big C-Mac 15 inch on 1/2 oz Tungsten.
    This bass was pictured twice.. its in his right hand in the pic with him and his grandmother. I wanted to share this pic the bass is toad and he caught her when it was tuff but that was the bite that ignited the school we proceeded to catch them for 15 mins straight. ( and yes they all swam away like always)
    Chloe wanted to fish Lake Guntersville for her 17th Birthday..

    If you can handle the HEAT then your going to catch em.

    So Tim and I went and threw us a frog around and we caught em . So it's never to early to try one. I can't wait to get out there and throw it some more it's a blast..... Wanna go froggin? Let's go , give me a call.
    Did you notice the shirt I was wearing? You can get yours by clicking http://www.guntersvillebassguides.com/gbg-store/ and see the other new designs

    Capt. Jim
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