• Captain Steve “Triple Trouble’s” Howell Recipe Section!

    Little Miss Judy Believe It or Not!

    Earlier this year Captain Triple Trouble Steve Howell and his father Captain Pops did a little bottom catching! Captain Kathy is offering up her early morning smile! My friend Captian Triple Trouble is a grand cook for sure! When he comes to town, he always asked, “You guys want some Steve Steaks?” And the standard answer is always “HECK YES!” When it comes to a Steve Steak is not a regular cut or a regular thickness. It is basically a roast, but I eat it all anyway! Now if there happens to be any leftovers, believe me they don’t go to waste!

    Here are is a picture of Captain Triple Trouble’s last Steve steaks! What are they? Cut prefect and taste great!

    Now back to this week’s recipe!

    Captain Triple Trouble Steve says, “Hey folks, this is Captain Triple Trouble back from a few months of personal family and health issues. I had been missing some of Captain Judy’s excellent food and, while trolling through my recipe file, I found a great recipe for what Judy calls poor man’s crab stew which she makes with Sheepshead.”

    Captain Judy says, “Back in the old days, my father used to cook a lot and most of the time I helped. And it is funny, when you help a lot thanks goodness your memory is better. And I can still smell his crab stew and his mull down cat fish stew made with black fish! (But that is another recipe for later!)”

    Captain Triple Trouble says, Lo and behold, I found a package of Sheepshead filets in my freezer from a trip that I did with Captain Judy and Captain Kathy Brown back in January of this year. So I got to work and I made the stew this past weekend. I can’t remember the first time Judy made this for me but folks it was as good as ever! It is good the first day but even better the second day I think. Try it. You’ll like it!

    Captain Judy’s Poor Man’s Crab Stew

    (The recipe is made with Sheepshead cooked meat. However, if you want to substitute blue crab or lump crabmeat it will work also.)

    1 pound of cooked (grilled or not) Sheepshead meat only
    1 Vidalia onion
    Real butter one stick
    Worcestershire sauce (2 tablespoons I probably add more, it’s up to the chef)
    Quart of 2% milk (can use whole milk)
    Can of condensed cream half and half (optional)
    Old Bay seasoning
    Garlic (powder or fresh)
    Salt and pepper
    Cooking sherry

    I usually fillet my Sheepshead; remove the skin, and all bones. All you then end up with is the wonderful Sheepshead meat. I season it with butter, garlic, Old Bay seasoning, salt and pepper. I then bake (350 to 425 degrees) until the meat is white and flaky. I then usually broil for a few minutes just to do a little browning. I remove the meat, let it cool a bit, and then break it with my hands not with a utensil. I want to break the meat into to large flakes.
    I take a saucepan or pot and melt the butter. I cut the onion up in rings. (Some preferred chopped, which works just as well.) I add Worcestershire put raw onion rings in pan and slow cook until onions are soft as well as nice brown color. I then add oven cooked Sheepshead flakes to mixture and continue the browning procedure. Once this mixture is brown according to Chief I add then add milk while stirring. I keep the total mixture to simmer heat. For those that want their stew rich beyond control it’s time to add the cream. I let the entire mixture simmer until the meat and onion have absorbed each other’s smells. All you need now is a bowl to serve, a pile of saltine crackers, and maybe a little hot sauce! All I can say about this dish is “that not only is it wonderful to eat, but it makes a great conversation piece! And it actually does tastes like crab stew with a twist! Enjoy!
    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy