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  • Joseph Butts Retro Fishing!

    A story from years past!

    It all about rough seas, St Elmo’s fire, and some really true hard core fishermen!

    Here’s a blast from the past article that was published in 2005 in the Island Living magazine, Savannah, Georgia. At the time I was supplying Maribeth Spence with fishing reports and local catches! She always made sure that my information was published in her magazine! A lot of our fishing friends thanks to Maribeth were made Fishing Stars for the day!

    The story told was about a local fishing family that had chartered my boat for what turned out to be a very interesting day at the snapper banks.

    Savannah’s own Fishing Families! Joseph Butt’s and his fine Motley fishing Team

    This article and these pictures were published in 2005 in the Island Living Magazine!
    From left to right: Joseph Butts, Donald Sharp, Randy Sharp, Randy Lucree, Cole Baham, and Art Gagne

    This happened in 2005!!

    Joseph Butts, Cindy and Bill Butt’s (1952-2017) son was just awarded “The Presidential scholarship” from Dr. Carlton of Savannah State College. (2005) (An unbelievable achievement and a college scholarship not received by many) He starts college this fall. He says he can’t wait!) Joseph is holding a king mackerel, which is only one of the many fish that he caught.

    Donald Sharp (Joseph’s grandfather) holding two vermilion snapper, which as you can see aren’t sure which way that they want to swim “up or down!”

    Randy Sharp (Joseph’s uncle) holding a triggerfish. Randy plans on removing the skin of this fish and drying it out. Once the drying out process is accomplished he will then have two-pieces of the greatest sand paper known and only used by real fishermen. The fact of the matter is that back in the old days (way back) sailors did in fact use dried triggerfish skins to sand the deck of wooden ships. It was either sand or “walk the plank!” Back in this era some sailors preferred to walk the plank!

    Randy Lucree (grandfather to Cole Baham) holding a nice horizontal and very balanced vermilion snapper.

    Cole Baham, “big fish catcher of the day” well known accomplished fisherman at Miss Judy Charters. He is holding the big fish of the day, which is a fine genuine red snapper. Cole told his Grandfather (Randy) that he was determined to catch a big one. Cole is a true fisherman!

    Art Gagne holding is two nice size “football” vermilion snapper. For those of you that don’t know it, there is an art to catching vermilion snapper. Art figured this out early in the fishing bottom fishing day. This fish is known for sucking and stretching your bait to its limit. The secret is to set the hook when their mouth is over the hook’s point not just around it. Art got it and caught them repeatedly!

    In 2005, Joseph Butt eyeing his king mackerel!

    Cole and Grandfather Randy holding up his fine genuine red snapper. Cole caught this fish while using a small piece of bait, small hooks, and a very determined fishing attitude! Big fish of the day! (2005)

    This group proved that they are real fishermen. The chartered my boat “Miss Judy Too” for a day of fishing at the Savannah Snapper Banks. They all braved the rough waters with a smile. Not one fisherman complained when a noon time storm surrounded us, charged us up with St Elmo’s Fire that caused all of our hair to stand straight up. As if that wasn’t enough this caused electronics failure that lasted the entire passing of the storm. (The towers that were suppose to sent the signal when on the blink!) They all patiently waited for the storm to pass so that they could start fishing again. Not one fisherman complained about the rough sea conditions causing the fish to bite a little funny. They all continued to fish when they could, were happy at what they caught, and always managed to pull a fish to the boat. After a great day of storm dodging we headed home to hit yet another more violet weather. Ten miles off the sea buoy we encountered 50 knot plus winds and 8 foot sea conditions. When we finally reached the calm waters of Wassaw Sound we agreed that we all had something to talk about at the old supper table and lived to tell it! I certainly do love my customers and my job!

    Photo by Cindy Butts

    This is was in the year of 2005! I so glad we haven’t aged a bit!
    Captain Judy Helmey and award winning, fish catching Joseph Butts.

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy