• Video of over 100 double digit pound bass!

    I started guiding in 1990 & got my first 10 pound bass in 1992. This year marks 25 years since my first 10 pound bass. As far a I recall, I took pictures and/or video for every double digit bass I've boated since 1992 - totaling somewhere around 100 bass over 10 pounds.

    With August and early-September historically being a slow time for fishing, I decided to take my main focus off the water and work with my son (the tech genius) to make the most awesome compilation of double-digit bass on the Internet. I believe I accomplished that - especially since there isn't any competition for multiple double digit fish in the same video.

    I expected it to go viral immediately. After all, I got 63k views on a shaky video of a single fish that I posted several years ago. What I didn't realize until after I posted it was that Youtube changed their algorithm and now favors long boring videos over exciting short videos. So my 5 minute video of 100 double digit bass with special-effects that took me over 100 hours to make doesn't get positioned as well as a boring 20-minute video from a channel that posts several videos a week.

    Kudos to the guys willing to put in the time and effort to do that to please Youtube. But I have a face for radio and a voice for newspaper. The back of a camera likes me more than the front - and I would much rather be taking videos of my clients holding fish than myself. So I don't see myself ever posting long, boring videos - even if that's what it takes to get positioned on Youtube.

    But you can help - and it would be very much appreciated. Youtube gives better rankings for videos that have lots of comments. They also give preferential treatment for the number of "thumbs up" and the number of subscribers. If you like my video, please subscribe, make comments, and give it a "thumbs up" (and watch it to the end). The video can be found at https://youtu.be/XwuzdbYmr5A

    I plan to start putting up my 1 to 2 minute "quick clip" videos of my clients catching fish on Youtube on a regular basis. If you subscribe, you should get notified when I put them up.