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  • Records Donít Lie

    Over the many years I have been fishing I have always keep information on my fishing trips giving me nearly 25 years of details from baits to weather to fishing depth and more. The advantage of all this is the ability to go back and sort by day, month, bait or depth of water and show what has worked over time to catch fish? If you have developed a journal or way to keep up with your days on the water you have developed a distinct advantage over your buddies who do not keep up with their trips.

    Detail on your trips from daily fishing gives you some very concrete information on several fishing points that can give you an advantage on key bits of past history. This detail can make a big difference in your ability to find fish. Patterns are a big part of finding fish every day and if you know and understand the patterns of the past then you have a starting point when you get to the water. The numbers of people fishing on todayís lakes has taken such a toll on those favorite spots that a pattern is many times the only help you can get to have success. It is also true that you have to be able to adjust to conditions as they change from day to day, one day it might be dead still or the next it might be windy and raining these conditions force you to adjust. Past information can many times tell you what you did in the wind two years back or the dead hot dry day of a few years ago. As weather changes the reservoirs controlled by damís water movement from high levels to low levels really changes the fish locations. Being able to adjust and making the right change can save you time and helpís you make good decisions.

    Although baits change and bass memory seem to be much greater than many experts assume the ability to utilize baits that were successful in past years during certain periods can be a big key to catching fish. I am a believer that some bait have survived the test of time and bait selection can be a serious part of daily fishing; knowing what you did in the past can lead you to the correct bait and technique for your current trip and trips of the future. Good record keeping tells you the truth and can lead to some great days in the future.

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