• It's Finally Here, Big Bass time on Lake Okeechobee!

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  • Captain Mike Shellen is a full time resident of Okeechobee Florida and has been fishing Lake Okeechobee for over 20 years. Michael is President of the Lake Okeechobee Guide Association and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard.

  • It's Finally Here, Big Bass time on Lake Okeechobee!

    After a long and hot summer the arrival of Fall in South/Central Florida offers numerous changes. Cooler nights and milder day temps are welcomed by all. However, for Bass anglers that are familiar with Lake Okeechobee it is a time of great anticipation. Each Fall as the Full moon of October approaches Lake Okeechobee's bass feel an urge provided from mother nature to move into the shallow water grass lines of the giant lake where they feed ravenously on shiners and shad in preparation for the long spawning season that is approaching, and will be ongoing throughout the next five to six months. Lake Okeechobee is unique in the fact that its multitude of Bass do not all spawn at one time like anglers from Northern lakes are used to. On each moon phase waves of bass will move in to spawn, providing bass anglers with the best bass fishing found anywhere in the United States. As the first wave of bass prepare to spawn and then ultimately move onto spawning beds to spawn, another wave will move into the shoreline area grasses to pre-spawn. This provides anglers with bass in different stages of the spawn throughout the fall and into spring. At any one time an area can hold bass that have spawned and are now feeding up to regain the energy expended from spawning, as well as bass that have just moved shallow in pre-spawn mode, and of course spawning bass can be seen on beds in every area of the lake. There is not another fishery in the US that can offer the fantastic fishing/catching that Lake Okeechobee provides during the Fall, Winter and Spring periods.

    Catch numbers right now are building around the full moon phase with 20 to 35 bass per trip being the norm, these numbers will rise and fall as the season progresses, there is opportunity daily for catching the largest Bass of your life on a wild shiner, come see us and enjoy the weather and the fantastic fishing.

    Cpt Mike & Nate Shellen
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