• Savannah Fishing Report - GA

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  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Well this past windy weekend has once again proven that inshore fishermen can still prevail during these conditions. It is true that you might do a bit more catching when having to fish in these conditions, but heck no matter how you cut it, it is still fishing!

    Under windy conditions such as we had this past week it was proven that as long as you had live shrimp you got a great chance that hooking up! What was caught while using live shrimp? The answer is standard red fish, spotted sea trout, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead. What did the fishermen do with the leftover fresh dead shrimp? All whole, parts, and pieces of shrimp whether removed dead from the live well or from leftover hits were put to the side. For the parts pieces that were going to be used right away were put out in the sun to do a little air drying. Those parts that were not being used were put in an empty plastic water bottle and thrown in the fish cooler. The best news is once washed off they can go directly into the freezer to be used for your next fish day.

    Artificial Reefs

    I have not been due to windy conditions..but if I did go...I would have done this...firstly I would dedicate about 30 minutes trolling with 0 and 00 Clark spoons...while doing this my eyes would be peeled to the sky looking for any bird feeding action. What would I expect to catch? Spanish mackerel, snake king mackerel, blue fish, and little tunny what is a snake king mackerel? It is a smaller, but sometimes legal to keep king mackerel that weights less than 7 pounds. What is the legal size limit for king mackerel and Spanish mackerel? King mackerel 24 inch tail length 3 bag limit and Spanish 12 inches fork length 15 bag limit

    I took this drawing from a 2017 Sport Fishing Regulation (Georgia DNR issued) WWW.gofishgeorgia.com I suggest picking up one of these free regulation booklet today. Where? Most tackle/bait shop, marinas, and etc have them on display. Why? It is important that you don’t get an undersized king mackerel confused with a Spanish mackerel!

    And if trolling didn’t pan out I would give bottom fishing a try. What would I expect to catch? Black sea bass, ocean perch, pig fish, sharks, blue fish, and other biters. Heck, even possibilities for a genuine red snapper bite as well as keeping on some dates, but you need to be informed on these possible keeping details! To get a better handle on what’s legal to keep in federal water please go to http://safmc.net/ and if you want to talk to someone please call Kim Iverson Public Information Officer for South Atlantic Fishery Management Council 843/571-4366 or Toll Free 866/SAFMC-10 (Kim’s up to date with all regulations, very helpful and easy to talk too.) My suggestion is that you know before you go!

    Savannah Snapper Banks

    For me (Captain Judy) this is the place that holds all types of bottom as well as top water fish especially during this time of the year. If you get to go (your boat or mine) I suggest giving bottom as well as trolling a try! Why? Lots of action to be had!

    Gulf Stream
    I call this the 5 degree turn!

    Well, the cooling off trend for the western waters is in the making! What does this mean? Well, the waters that meet the stream are starting to cool down. And the best news is a there is a slight edge already formed, but the best fishing or should I say “catching event opportunities” are yet to come! There is about a 4 to 5 degree temperature difference between the western waters and the actual Gulf Stream! What does this mean? It only gets better from this point!

    For free up to date sea surface temperature charts go to http://sstcharts.com/ (Tonya owner operator of this site is back up and running!) Even if you aren’t planning to make a trip to the stream it is great watching the current temps and wishing you were there! You know what they say, “Unless you haven’t figured this out yet, but you know planning, talking it up, and getting ready is definitely part of the fishing catching deal!”

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