• Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Miss Judy Charters
  • Miss Judy Charters provides Inshore fishing, Offshore fishing, and Gulf Stream fishing charters. Whether it's sport fishing for the serious angler or a leisurely day for the family, we have the trip for you. We have been fishing in Savannah, Tybee and adjacent waters for over 50 years. We have the knowledge for your inshore and offshore fishing adventure.

  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Captain Alan Collins of Miss Judy Charters is back and as you can see he still knows where the big fish are and how to catch them!

    Well, even with east winds howling causing much muddy conditions our inshore captains certainly made it work. While using finger mullet, live shrimp, and mud minnows they were able to bring spotted sea trout, red fish, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead to the hook. Now here’s the thing this bait selection by the fish wasn’t written in stone, because not every cast with shrimp worked. And not every cast worked with the other live bait either. So therefore everyone has to test the biting waters before know exactly which bait was going to work.

    Now for those inshore fishermen that have been waiting to hear about the told trophy red fish bite. Well, wait no longer it has arrived! So without further a do...the big fall/winter red fish bite has arrived! Where do you fish? Rivers and sounds! What the best situation to look for? Up right structure in the form of wood or concrete. These fish are known for picking out an area to feed that hold bait and also is protected from the jaws of the porpoises. Please remember most of these trophies reds are catch and release only! Red fish over 23 inches have to be released back to the wild! We suggest handling the fish carefully and quickly!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters Greg Latta and son Benjamin Smyrna, Georgia had grand catching day. Greg is holding a nice triple tail that gladly took him up on his large live shrimp. According to Captain Kevin he thought at first it was a hooked red fish, because the fish headed straight for the grass. However, once in the grass the fish wanted out and then it headed straight for the middle of the river. And after it got in some open water it did exactly what most triple tails do! What is that? JUMP up and get some air!

    From left to right: Captain Tommy Williams, red fish in each hand, Eric Wherley Tampa Florida red fish, Zach Tillman Houston, Texas nice flounder, and Brian Robbins Atlanta, Georgia black drum.

    While inshore fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters these fishermen caught a mixed bag affair! And it was fun too! What did they use for bait? Live shrimp and fresh dead leftover shrimp parts!

    While fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters Zach Tillman Houston, Texas caught this nice flounder! What did it eat? Live shrimp! Now what? Can you say, “Crispy Scored Flounder?” With a side order of papaya chutney! Yes, I could!

    Meet the inshore catching team! Was it windy? Was most of the water in a muddy water condition? Yes, but did Captain Tommy Williams still find the fish? Yes! What did the team us for bait? Live shrimp and shrimp

    Keaten Kelly black drum plaid shirt Dallas, Texas, Keith Rouse Jr black drum Savannah, Georgia, Christopher Kelly spotted sea trout Dallas Texas, Captain Tommy Williams, fist full of fish, and Keith Rouse spot tail bass and black drum Savannah, Georgia

    A net full of fine fish! While fishing with Captain Tommy Williams of Miss Judy Charters what did Keaten Kelly Dallas Texas, Keith Rouse Jr Savannah Georgia, Christopher Kelly Dallas Texas, and Keith Rouse Savannah Georgia catch? It is better known as a net full of fish! What kind of fish are in the net? Flounder, black drum, spotted sea trout, and red fish! What do we call that? A Grand Savannah Slam plus one! Now you know the rest of the inshore catching story brought to you by Captain Judy!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross Miss Judy Charters, Justin Hensley Murphy NC, Jeff Gibby Clyde NC, Jordan Hensley Andrews, NC and Matthew Wood Andrews NC had a catching blast. What did they catch? Red fish, spotted sea trout, mangrove snappers!
    While inshore fishing with Captain Garrett Ross Miss Judy Charters Matthew Wood Andrews NC caught this nice red fish!

    While fishing with Captain Alan Collins of Miss Judy Charters Derrick Medsker of Savannah, Georgia fought, caught, tagged, and released this trophy red fish back to the wild!

    Michael Lankford Atlanta, Georgia, Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters, Crayton Lankford Tucker Georgia, David Lankford Talahi Island, Georgia and Chris Lankford Washougal, WA! They kept these for dinner and released the rest! What do I see? Eight fish! What does this mean? Once cleaned the team would have 16 full fillets or 32 fish sandwiches, or 64 big bites. It just depends on how you want to cut it! No matter what, plenty of fried fish was had by all!

    No baiting up rhythm or reason!
    Can you say, “Live Bait?” According To Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters live bait is the ticket to getting these inshore fishing to the hook. However, not all bait work all of the time every time! This past weekend Captain Kevin used light shrimp, mud minnows, and finger mullet. What worked when? According to Captain Kevin shrimp worked one day and mullet the other! Making bait selections for the week having “no rhythm or reason!” So what did he do he had they all and tried each to see which one worked the best!

    What is this? Well, this is one of those flesh eating bugs better known as leeches! No matter what, the fish don’t like them and neither do I!

    Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters is at the old cleaning table finishing up his customer’s fish for the day! What does he have? A fish cleaning smile on his face!

    While inshore fishing with Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters Cody Nelson Columbus, Mississippi, Tyler Huebner Columbus, Mississippi holding a nice flounder, and Alex Kauth Columbus, Mississippi had a great time!

    Tyler Huebner Columbus, Mississippi is holding nice flounder, which he caught while fishing with his fishing team of Alex Kauth and Cody Nelson! All fishermen were visiting from Columbus, Mississippi and who showed them the fish catching way? Captain Stephen Thompson of Miss Judy Charters

    Thanks for reading! Captain Judy
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