• Lake Lanier Fishing Report - GA

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  • Lake Lanier Fishing Report - GA


    Well we received a major weather change this week like I had hoped. It has been rainy, followed by chilly and windy as the week went along. The lake came up .2 feet since last week's report due to the Monday rain and the surface temperatures have dropped about 4 degrees, with more descent ahead. The waters just above Brown's Bridge appear to be starting the turnover process and are displaying a darker, coffee look to them. Overall, I will say the lake is not fishing like we had hoped right now. It has been a little slow on the pond there are still some good bites to be had, but you have to work for them. The lake had a ton of pressure lately with the BFL Regional last week. And now, the Top 6 and a major college derby coming up this weekend. All of the previous has certainly contributed to the slower bite. The fish are really spread out both in the mouths of the creeks and further back in as well. There continues to be a decent schooling bite most mornings just after daylight in the creek mouths and further back in these areas as well. Most of the activity appears to be around points and humps, but there is also plenty of over the channel schooling as well. The weather will slow the fishing until mid week. Find the shad and this is when the Lowrance Structure Scan Side imaging technology can play a major role in successful fishing or not. Baitfish move into the creeks and bass follow them. After the schooling subsides, we are still running some points and humps with brush, but they are not holding fish nearly as well as they had been. We have started to work some steeper rock as well as some docks in the creek pockets for some bites. A Sebile and a Spook continue to work pretty well on the schooling fish. If the fish are chasing smaller bait fish or you are having a hard time getting the fish to commit to your top water and swimbait offerings, try a spy bait. Count it down and work it slowly. A chug bug has worked for top water on some days as well. We are starting to get a jerk bait bite, and the fluke remains a good option as well. A Picasso Shakedown Head with a finesse worm is starting to produce; and I'm happy to report a jig bite is starting as well. I do love a jig bite. Hopefully we will still get to enjoy some more consistent top water and swimbait action as the fall progresses, there is still hope! Here is a list of my upcoming open dates: October: 30(PM), 31; November: 3, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Also, if you want a trip over Thanksgiving Week, please contact me NOW. Those dates always go fast Give me a call and let's get out and have some fun! Thanks to all and May God Bless.

    This Bass fishing report brought to you by: Jimbo Mathley, www.jimboonlanier.com 770 542 7764

    This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Big Fish On guide Service. To book your guide trip call Captain Ken at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site. www.bigfishonguide.com

    Striper fishing is slow. October is Lake Turnover month and typically the slowest month of the year for Striper fishing. The year is no exception and the fish are very difficult to find and when you do find them they will not bite. The good news is October is almost over and the cold temperatures should speed up the turnover process. We have been “fishing the bait” with some success. Check the creeks and fish the ones with the greatest amount of bait. Deploy weighted free lines and planner boards in addition to a couple of down rods. Look for the Schooling activity to pick back up this week. The action is fast and the Stripers do not stay on the surface very long. A 5/8 ounce buck tail jig with a fluke continues to work well. The weather will slow the fishing until mid week. Find the shad and this is when the Lowrance Structure Scan Side imaging technology can play a major role in successful fishing or not. Baitfish move into the creeks and bass follow them. Your traditional top water baits like Spooks, Red fins and Chug Bugs will also work. You can also use a light spinning rod to pitch a blueback Herring into a school of feeding Stripers for some exciting action. You should also deploy a Blueback Herring on a free line out the back of the boat. Start your search in Gainesville Creek, Holly Park and Little River on the north end of the Lake. Chestatee Bay and Chestatee River mid lake and the mouths of the creeks from Flat Creek to Young Deer Creek. The water temperature is in the high 60’s.The water is lightly stained in the creeks and clear on the main lake. The lake is 5.57 feet below full pool. To book your guide trip call us at 404 561 2564 or contact us on our web site. www.bigfishonguide.com

    This Lake Lanier Crappie report is from Dan Saknini, member of the Lanier Crappie Angler’s Club. See our club’s website www.laniercrappieanglers.net

    Water temperature is sixty nine degrees and gradually falling as night temperatures steadily dip into the forties and below. If you are fishing in the northern lake areas, you will notice cooler water temperatures and a change in the water color. We are experiencing the typical fall pattern a few weeks later in the year, but fishing conditions are good to excellent. The bigger fish have finally appeared at the stand alone brush piles located in the middle to the back of creeks. The ideal brush piles to target should be at twenty five foot depths, or shallower, with bait visible on your electronics. Keep in mind that the lake levels are about 5 ½ to 6 feet below full pool, so that means favorite brush piles you normally fish this time of year may not have sufficient depth to hold fish now. Your downscan electronics can help you determine whether fish are holding on the brush piles you find. Some brush piles will hold more fish than others. Our club members are reporting great catches. This is a wonderful time of the year to get on fish and catch them steadily. If you can locate fish in deeper brush piles, thirty to thirty five feet, you may want to consider vertical jigging. The bite is very sensitive. Bobby Garland in different colors, Crappie Assassin, Jiffy Jigs and tube jigs are all working equally well. If you have a favorite jig, just try it. Chances are it will work well. If you are fishing with someone, try using different jigs and see what’s working best at that location. Expect the bite to continue getting stronger as the water temperature drops.

    Be safe on the water! Wear your life jacket, it can save your life!

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