• Striper Fishing is “Great” in Eastern Tennessee!

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  • Specializing in "Trophy" fishing as the owner of StriperFun Fishing Guide Service in KY and TN and TN Walleye Charters, Captain Jim Durham is a licensed guide who has fished the Cumberland Plateau and KY and TN year round for over 50 years. Captain Jim is a U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain and is the creator of the “Striper Fish like a Pro” instructional DVD series as well as his own line of fishing lures.

  • Striper Fishing is “Great” in Eastern Tennessee!

    Striper Fishing is “Great” in Eastern Tennessee!

    At Captain Jim’s StriperFun Fishing Guide Services, we catch a lot of big fish!

    Captain Jim is a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine officer, as well as a Coast Guard Auxiliary Staff Patrol Officer (including a Search and Rescue “Coxswains Rating”). Captain Jim and his crews are all licensed, insured and are well trained in CPR & First Aid, with no less than 20 years’ experience per man (several over 30 years’ experience on the waters we fish)! StriperFun is the best-known guide service in the Cumberland Plateau Region (10 guides total!) and will work hard to deliver "big trophy fish". You can count on the fact that your group will be treated with the utmost professional care and safety!

    Different than many basic guide services, StriperFun Guide Service also caters to corporate groups as well as to families (and couples). Our guide boats are heated during the winter months. Our trips include all equipment, tackle and bait. Your trip also includes the cleaning and bagging of your catch, as well as photos for you to remember your trip!

    StriperFun Guide Services is a strong supporter of our nation’s military men and women as well as our police, fish and wildlife officers and firefighters, offering a 10 % discount as a “thank you” for their service!

    The various Eastern Tennessee Waters StriperFun Fishes!

    Cherokee Lake

    Cherokee Lake in Eastern Tennessee covers 30,300 acres, is 59 miles long and has 463 miles of shoreline. Fish densities in Cherokee Lake are greater than most of the other TVA Reservoirs due to the high level dense forage base of Threadfin Shad, Gizzard Shad, and Alewife. Cherokee Lake is noted for big Stripers, but is also “loaded” with big fat “Hybrid” Stripers as well!

    The Striper and Hybrid fishing is simply off the chart! 20 and 30 fish days are frequent (TN allows catch and release!), with a limit of 2 keepers per fisherman!

    StriperFun offers day trips on Cherokee Lake year-round (weather permitting). We use fresh caught live Gizzard and Alewives shad, as well as a variety of my own brand of Captain Jim Special artificial lures to cast and troll with! We troll Captain Jim Special artificial lures on slide divers and umbrella rigs to target suspended schools of fish.

    The Stripers and Hybrids in Cherokee Lake must be 15 inches long to keep them. Each fisherman can keep 2 Stripers or Hybrids. Lake trips are 6 hours.

    Norris Lake

    Norris Lake in North Central Tennessee covers 800 miles of spectacular blue crystal-clear water. Norris Lake is loaded with big Stripers. We catch good numbers of Stripers, but you also have a chance for a 30 to 40-pound fish as well!

    StriperFun offers day trips on Norris Lake year-round (weather permitting). We use fresh caught live Alewives shad, as well as a variety of my own brand of Captain Jim Special artificial lures to cast and troll with! We troll Captain Jim Special artificial lures on slide divers and umbrella rigs to target suspended schools of fish.

    The Stripers trips are 6 hours and the size limits in Norris Lake are:

    Apr 1 - Oct 31: 2 per day, 15-inch minimum length limit

    Nov 1 - Mar 31: 1 per day, 36-inch minimum length limit.

    Clinch River – Watts Bar Lake

    Melton Hill Dam impounds the Clinch River and the tail waters below the dam (near Lenoir, Tennessee) has great numbers of Stripers. This fishing extends down through Watts Bar Lake. In addition to these great numbers of Stripers, Watts Bar Lake also produces some giant fish. StriperFun guides use 1 1/2- to 2-foot-long skipjack or huge gizzard shad for bait. We also catch big Stripers on a variety of Captain Jim Special lures!

    Several miles downstream of Melton Hill Dam, the Kingston Steam Plant creates another “hotspot” on the Clinch River. Baitfish and Stripers pile up in the warm waters in the basin the steam plant discharges into and in the big river bend that’s immediately downstream. StriperFun offers trips to fish the Kingston Steam Plant during the winter months.

    StriperFun offers day trips on the Clinch River year-round (weather permitting). All Stripers caught in the Clinch are released, unless you want to mount a trophy. If so, the fish must be at least 40 inches long.

    To get in on the great fishing action, you can book a Striper fishing adventure with StriperFun! Click the following link:


    Or call us at 931-403-2501. We hope to hear from you!


    Captain Jim Durham
    United States Air Force Veteran
    U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer Captain - License No. 1037731
    Kentucky State Guide License # 007 - Tennessee State Guide License
    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 8th Eastern - Division 11
    Patrol Coxswain and Search and Rescue Officer
    East Clay County TN Fire Dept - Captain and Water Search & Rescue Officer
    Owner StriperFun Guide Service
    Owner Tennessee Walleye Charters
    Owner Superbaittanks.com
    Owner Captain Jim Marine Electronics Sales
    Owner Captain Jim Lures
    Mercury Marine Pro Team
    Humminbird, Cannon and Minn Kota Field Staff member
    National Sales of Fitec Bait Nets
    National Sales of Hydro Glow Bait Lights
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