• Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/18/17

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  • Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 11/18/17

    It has been a long fall run into the best fall fishing of the year but it’s finally here; the bass are active and chasing and we should see this for at least 3 weeks before the bass turn back to suspending for the winter. Fishing is less than 3 ft. of water has been the key for me and fishing reaction baits.

    My old faithful Tight-Line swim jig got its life back this past week fishing over grass and working it erratically with a constant change of speed is what triggered bites. I added a Missile bait Shock Wave swim bait and had my best bait set up for the week. We also worked Picasso Chatter Bait “Shock Blades” some along the deeper edges for more vibration. We still continued our use of the Missile bait “48” stick bait and added some fish with it. Fishing is good and the fun is here on Guntersville.

    Come fish with me no one will treat you better or work harder to see you have a great day on the water. I have days and guides available to fish with you; we fish with great sponsor products, Duckett rods and reels, Vicious Line, T&H Marine Products, Ranger Boats and more.

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