• Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Miss Judy Charters
  • Miss Judy Charters provides Inshore fishing, Offshore fishing, and Gulf Stream fishing charters. Whether it's sport fishing for the serious angler or a leisurely day for the family, we have the trip for you. We have been fishing in Savannah, Tybee and adjacent waters for over 50 years. We have the knowledge for your inshore and offshore fishing adventure.

  • Savannah Fishing Report - GA

    Before the snow storm we had a pretty good inshore and offshore bite. These pictures were all taken right before the great snow storm. However, since we have not been able to go fishing I am going to offer up some suggestions just in case you do get to go!

    Believe me, when I go, I plan on using them too! Connor “Rock Man” Gooding Prescott, Arizona his sister Cassie Gooding of Chamblee, Georgia and his father Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia caught some very nice black sea bass. Captain Kathy Brown is giving them all “a big thumbs up approval!

    Inshore if you go!

    If fishermen do get to go, especially after these sort of freezing conditions...the cold water red fish will still be on the prowl...however, their bite will be slow to go...and if you get a hit give them time to eat. Best bait is going to be something smelly such as old shrimp, finger mullet, mullet steaks, or artificial flukes or paddle tails soaked in some sort of favorite smelly sauce! I suggest approaching fishing area very quietly, mum is the word. If anchoring, do so quietly, if you are using a power pole, drop quietly. During this time and when dealing with such cold water, noises both good and bad travel further. Believe when I say, “anchor dropping or power pole situating is not a good noise.

    Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters took fishing buddy Jesse Carter and fought, caught, and released their limits of reds! Check out this raggedy tailed red.

    Captain Kevin Rose of Miss Judy Charters took a close up of Jesse Carter’s red fish’s tail and I guess you could say, “This fish almost didn't make its last getaway, but only by the tail of its tailing tail!

    Inshore Sheepshead

    The inshore sheepshead loves cold water and those fish that might have not migrated offshore are called the stayers. Yes, it is true that a big bulk of the so called inshore sheepshead migrate to the near shore artificial reefs during these cold water times. Inshore and offshore sheepshead are from the same clan. However, as with people some fish are different too! What does this boil down to? Some sheepsheads do not migrate offshore. They stay and feed around anything that offers any sort of marine growth attachment. They also love things come wrapped in the shell! Best bait is going to be: green mussel, oysters, fiddler from purple backs to black backs, small rock crabs, barnacles, and anything that comes wrapped in a shell! And you can add small pieces of shrimp to that list too! Here’s a suggestion on how to rig that shrimp. See picture below!

    When targeting sheepshead this is the part of the shrimp that will attract them the most. Why? It looks like a fiddler with legs that is trying to make way!
    Where to do you find inshore sheepshead? Docks, rocks, pilings, bridge uprights, and wrecks! Not all of these places will hold the attentions of sheepshead. Lets you fishing instincts show you the way!

    Offshore Artificial Reefs
    Well as you know if has been cold off the Georgia coast. However, there is still a bite to be had. All sizes of migrating sheepshead have been making way to the offshore near shore reefs. (Now that is a mouth full) Anything from a rock to a wreck to any sort of vertical surface that offers any sort of marine growth should hold the interest of the old offshore wintering sheepshead!

    When heading out to fish the artificial reefs I suggest making sure you have an up to date list of all of the artificial reefs coordinates located in less than 50 feet of water. Finding and anchoring on one of these spots is where you are going to find the most sheepshead biting action. Best bait is going to be fiddlers purple backs or black backs or rock crabs or bugged out shrimp! As far as the rig used I suggest a Carolina style rig, rigged with 20 pound fluorocarbon or monofilament leader and a number one or 1/0 or 2/0 strong Kahle or offset circle. Most fishermen have a hook that fits their signature hooking up motion. If it looks right to you, it most likely with work!

    Go to http://coastalgadnr.org/ArtificialReef and print out this information. It will be a great tool to use to locate best wrecks to fish for sheepshead. It is also valuable information that you can use to find fish year around. I suggest making this information part of your fishing book bag! What is a fishing book bag in my world? It has all information needed for possible areas that I might fish. I always have a copy of all artificial reefs, current state, and federal regulations! And also any places that I fish in my designated targeted area. I never leave the dock without it!

    Offshore Savannah Snapper Banks
    Terrell Gooding and his daughter Cassie and his son Connor finally got a day of offshore fishing. Now I might add it wasn’t the prefect warm calm day either.

    We had to deal with rough seas and cold weather conditions! It took us longer to get where we were going! And when we finally arrived to the fishing ground, the fish were biting, but staying on the spot was entirely another problem! However, we did catch fish, we did have a blast, and this Gooding fishing Team did great! Even when handed, very rough seas, cold conditions, and longer than normal bumpy boat rides to the fish!
    So here’s how Terrell Gooding and his Children Cassie and Connor did!

    As you can see rolling, breaking waves and white caps prevailed on this fish day. However, that didn’t stop Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia from catching every time he dropped. Captain Kathy Brown of Miss Judy Charters is assisting. And what is she taking off Terrell’s hook? A Juvenile genuine red snapper! And is this a rare catch for the Georgia Coast? Absolutely not now! The fact of the matter is, those powers that be, have done a great job of saving the genuine red snapper. The bad news, the proper stats aren’t in yet. So therefore those that never fish don’t know the true situation! So until they get it right that this is about all we can catch when we drop to the bottom. So what do I do with this happens? I move to another spot! And fish there until the big large genuine red snapper regime shows up!

    Cassie Gooding Chamblee, Georgia was visiting her parents at their vacation home located on Tybee Island. The plan was to “GO FISH!” But everyday was rougher than the first. Luckily Cassie could re-do her scheduled to stay one more day! And that one more day, was a fish day! This is just one of the black sea bass that Cassie caught on this rough rocking fish catching day!

    Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia is holding a nice white grunt that he caught on a small piece of squid while bottom fishing at the Savannah Snapper Banks! This fish is also known as a hog nose snapper!

    Connor aka Rock Man Gooding Prescott, Arizona is holding up a nice black sea bass, which was lured in by the Electron fish Attractor and then the small piece of squid finished the hooking up deal! I place the electron fish attractor on the leader first, then the red ball, and then the hook. I use this type of rig on most of my bottom rigs. Why? Sometimes 12 to 20 hooks all send signals are just too much!

    For more information go to https://www.lifesparkfishingtackle.com/
    There is only one thing left to say, “Pictures don’t lie and neither do the fish! Why? They can’t talk, but they can certainly eat!” Now there you have it!”
    2018 Inshore/Offshore Fishing Clinics
    February 24, 2018 Saturday and February 25, 2018 Sunday
    On inshore/offshore boats in the water
    $135.00 per person for inshore
    $150.00 per person for offshore
    Time: 8:00AM till12:00 NOON
    Snacks and drinks provided by Captain Judy
    Place: Miss Judy Charters dock
    202 Wilmington Island Road
    Savannah, Georgia 31410
    912 897 4921 for more details!

    2018 Inshore Subjects and handouts:
    All those fishermen attending inshore classes on the boats in the water classes will receive what is biting best Inshore when 2018 fishing calendar! 2018 Tracking Fish Chart! Special techniques for targeting and catching red fish, spotted sea trout, sheepshead, and Flounder Trophy Reds & Gator Trout Tarpon Fishing Traditional adjustable and popping cork float fishing techniques, Learn how to take advantage and use the “Pecking Order” Basic Drifting & bottom fishing & 360 degrees line, Learn the value of rips, Best Times to catch your own bait and where to look, Structure and its value: Sand Bars, mud flats, oyster bars, rocks, docks, and rips, Suspended baits, pinching of baits (mashing) Live baits: mud minnows, shrimp, menhaden, and mullet, Triple tail catching techniques, Value Plus of trolling motors, Artificial bait techniques, Advantages of shrimp boats to fishermen, and Ask any questions that you might have and we will try to answer them! Captains on board will...be Captain Matt Williams, Captain Tommy Williams, Captain Garrett Ross, Captain Kevin Rose, and Captain Alan Collins

    2018 Inshore Handout Booklet
    My handout booklets are updated every year. It’s has plenty of detailed fishing information on best tackle and bait to use, rig illustrations, drawings showing techniques for fishing around buoys, shrimp boats, and birds. Shows best times to target fish when and where by each month.

    2018 Offshore Fishing Clinic
    February 24, 2018 Saturday and February 25, 2018 Sunday on offshore boats in the water
    $150.00 per person
    Time: 8:00AM till12:00 NOON
    Snacks and drinks provided by Captain Judy
    Place: Miss Judy Charters dock
    202 Wilmington Island Road
    Savannah, Georgia 31410

    To make reservations or for more information, please contact Captain Judy
    912 897 4921 office
    Email: Fishjudy2@aol.com
    2018 Offshore Subjects and handout:

    Log Book Procedures, How to catch the best bait and when, How to keep your bait alive, How to cut your bait up, Baiting up techniques, How to rig up when using live and dead bait, Artificial Reef Fishing Techniques, old school rigging ballyhoo techniques, butter-flying bait, Best Bottom Rigs for this area and how to make them yourself, slow, medium, and high speed trolling techniques, how to rig for large bottom fish, advantage of shrimp boats to fishermen, best flat line techniques, Sheepshead fishing/anchoring techniques, offshore flounder techniques, cobia fishing made easy, how to fish live bottom, wrecks, and rips. And you can ask questions and take pictures. Onboard will be Captain Ken Kennickell, Captain Deidra Helmey Jeffcoat, Captain Kathy Brown, and Captain Judy Helmey will be teaching and telling some fine fish catching stories!

    Fishing techniques for: live bait Spanish sardines and cigar minnows, Spanish/king mackerel, large sharks, cobia, trophy red fish, sheepshead, flounder offshore, black fish, vermilion, triggerfish, as well as other bottom biters, genuine red snapper, grouper, amberjack, and Mahi Mahi!

    2018 Offshore Handout Booklet
    My hand out booklet is updated every year. It’s has plenty of detailed fishing information on best tackle and bait to use, rig illustrations, drawings showing techniques for fishing around buoys, shrimp boats, and birds. GPS fishing coordinates are included for west/south east live bottom areas located at artificial reef “J” and live bottom areas to fish at the North, Middle, and South Snapper Banks. There might be a genuine red snapper season in 2018; GPS coordinates furnished could help you find the fish that you are looking for! I say, “Why wait to learn, when you can find out now some of the secret top ways of fishing from the pros!”
    Thanks Captain Judy

    Cassie Gooding of Chamblee, Georgia is showing us a double header. What did she catch? One black sea bass and one juvenile non-existing genuine red snapper!
    Cassie Gooding of Chamblee, Georgia, he father Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia and her brother Connor Gooding Prescott, Arizona are all fishing up a storm in a rough sea conditions! As you can see almost everyone is sporting a grand fish smile! Cassie is a professional artist! According to her brother Connor, she is a very good artist!

    Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia and Captain Kathy Brown of Miss Judy Charter’s sporting rough conditions fish catching smiles! What kind of fish is Terrell holding up? I will give you two guesses? Genuine red snapper did we release them? Yes we did! Did we catch more? Yes

    While offshore fishing on Miss Judy Too with Captain Judy Helmey Connor “Rock Man” Gooding Prescott, Arizona his sister Cassie Gooding of Chamblee, Georgia, and his father Terrell Gooding Duluth, Georgia caught some very nice black sea bass.

    Now I must tell you why I call Conner Gooding “Rock Man,” because he is a gemologist. He mines, he drills, and he knows all about rocks! The fact of the matter is I am collecting some special rocks for him to identify on his next visit! I hope it is soon!
    Blue Water Report

    It is that time of the year where and if you get a good predicted at least calm 24 hour offshore report that you really should give it a try. It is black fin tuna and Yahoo Wahoo time of the year! Trolling strolling is the way to catch these fish! Best news just about any bait that you think will work most likely will!

    Freshies Report and it’s a Salty Report Too!

    Bill Vanderford!

    My long time friend Bill Vanderford invented these lures many years ago. The best news is not only do the freshwater fish love them so do the saltwater ones too! A lure for all seasons with good reasons!

    Bill Vanderford says, “The fishing season is on the horizon, so if you want an easy way to catch more fish than ever....the Swirleybird is the answer!” Captain Judy says, “Order some today!”

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