• Crème Lures Devil's Tongue - How to Fish It

    My newest favorite, and one of the most consistently productive lures I have ever used, is called the Devil's Tongue made by Crème Lures, inventor and manufacturer of the first plastic lure in the world. "The Tongue" is injected with air bubbles giving it the ability to float a 2/0 hook with no problem and making it one of the most effective lures in your boat. The technique I most prefer is split-shotting the Devil's Tongue.(See Above picture)Rig the lure Texas style, with only a medium size split shot 18"-24"above your hook. Other techniques include Carolina or drop shot rigs. (See below diagram)The patented air injection system will keep the lure suspended and not ever allow it to sink. Generally, we prefer spinning tackle for this rig, specifically an ABU/GARCIA "CD" (center drag) series for it's smoothness, with 10 lb. test line mounted on a 6' 6" Kistler Rod for greater sensitivity and powerful hook sets.

    Available in a rainbow of colors, a Devil's Tongue will out-produce even the infamous French Fry, especiallywhen conditions call for a slow fall and presentation and on suspended fish. Make your cast, allow the luresettle then inch it along flats, down breaklines or on sloping points. A Devil's Tongue is especially effective when worked down channels, around boat docks, rip rap, ledges and rocky points ( which there are an
    abundance of in all central-south Texas lakes). A bass cannot stand to have anything floating in their face. Split shot rigs offer another advantage; the fish will hold onto and run further with the Devil's Tongue because there is so little weight to cause drag on your line. The addition of X-SPURT Pro Formula Fish Attractant gives you even more of an advantage.

    If your goal is to boat more bass give the Devil's Tongue a try. It certainly works for our clients.

    Editor's Note: You can tie the sinker to come off easily
    in case of a hang up