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  • Back to Basics: Crankbaits

    The crank bait is one of the easiest lures to use to catch bass. For most fishermen itís as easy as cast it out and reel it back. For the serious fisherman, the crank bait is a very effective tool almost all year.

    Crank baits come in every size, shape and color. From pumpkinseed colors to shad and even bright oranges, crank baits have their place in every fisherman tackle box. Spend a little time working a crank bait under several conditions and they can be even more deadly.

    There are a few basic guidelines for crank baits. These are not rules but guidelines.
    Todays crank baits come with high quality hooks. These hooks make the baits extremely deadly even in the hands of novice anglers. Get the baits close to the fish and they would come after them getting the hooks every time. Even if the fish jump out of the water the hooks will hold better than the first generation of hooks. The lure is usually equipped with at least two sets of extra sharp treble hooks.

    Colors are as varied as the rainbow. Start out with clear baits in clear water. Use the shad colors and blues and silvers. In stained or muddy water use orange, chartreuse and blacks. The crawfish patterns are extremely effective in dirty water.

    In clear water bass can see the lures very well. The lures must the right color and size of the bait fish in the bass diet.

    In stained or muddy water, bass cannot see the lure until it gets right next to it. Bass will miss the clear colored lure because they cannot see it as well.
    Crank baits are affected by the size of the line used. To make lures run deeper and with great side to side action go down in the line sizes to as small as ten pound test. This will allow the lures no matter what size to get to fish that are often missed by other anglers.

    One of the best places to fish with the crank baits are points. Next trip, sit on the point in shallow water and cast crank baits out. This will get baits to fish that may have never been bothered. In the warm water, fish points that are long and gentle slopes. In the cold waters, fish sharp drop off point close to deep water.

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