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  • Hard Rocky Bottoms

    As we get into the best of the winter fishing the one thing that becomes very evident is the need to find hard cover, rocky bottom structure and vertical structure. One typical area that comes to mind and is common in all lakes is bridges. Bridge fishing is a common community hole but there is a reason itís called a community hole; it holds bass and lots of them. So yes, it gets pressure but this time of year itís a confidence place for the weekend angler.

    One important thing to remember is the pure fact of during winter fishing the bass generally feed sporadically in short 15 to 30-minute time frames so you cannot get discouraged and move on quickly you need to give the bass time to get into their daily routine. Many times, that routine is not what you expect but picking up and moving on before the bass get a chance to find their feeding time can cost you fish. Be patient; use the depth of the pilons for the vertical bites, find the bait for the reaction bite and change baits some in-order-to give them a variety of presentation to react too. Winter can be a time of year that many adjustments need to be made to the bait your presenting, sometimes its color, sometimes its size as in profile and many times itís just how your working the bait. Donít get stuck in your past ways if the bite isnít there; try something different whether it be in how you reel it, drop it, size or even color these can all influence winter fish.

    Some baits that I am impressed with during the cold winter months around this bridge structure starts with an Alabama rig; although this can be a tough physical challenge it catches fish. An A-rig just entices bass as it presents that school of bait look to feeding bass. I also like jigging spoons in the cold of winter and around bridges itís a killer bait; the flash and side to side movement of jigging a big flashy spoon over the top of their heads is just irresistible. Lastly let a Carolina rig pull horizontally along the bottom for those bottom hugging bass that are looking for a lethargic easy meal.
    Bridges a-long with cold water are a natural rocky bottom habitat that you can benefit from!

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