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  • Saturday Morning Fishing

    OK, its late February, or early March, its 30 degrees out and hunting season is over. You're about to go nuts if you don't go fishing soon. The only option is to go for that remote and tune in to the Saturday morning line up of fishing shows. If you can't go yourself, at least you can live vicariously through the many "stars" that do the fishing for you.

    I've been watching these shows on both TNN and ESPN for several years now. I like some, but dislike others. TNN has the better line up, which focuses on southern fresh water fishing for the most part. My favorite of these is The In-Fisherman which has a lot more variety of fishing, not just bass. The hosts on this show, while seemingly whacked out on caffeine, speak logically and more intelligent than most others.

    I also enjoy The Bass Masters, because of its realism. This shows details actual big time tournaments which aren't always under ideal conditions, and the big ones sometimes get away. Much like most of my expeditions lately. Roland Martin, and The Walker 's Cay Chronicles are also worth watching.

    My least favorite is Bill Dance, whose show is nothing more than a half hour commercial for Strike King Lures. It's only a matter of time before the show has 30 minute testimonial to the Banjo minnow. Even I could catch bass in the over stocked pond he fishes in week after week, pretending its a lake by launching a 20 foot bass boat. The show that featured Mel Tillis was the last one I could stand to watch.

    I try to avoid Jimmy Houston (its that laughing) and The Fishin Hole with Jerry McGinnis which has Bobby Knight on it fishing for trout every time.

    The best way to watch these is to tape the whole line up and then fast forward to the shows you like. This also will eliminate the same 4 or 5 commercials which seem to be on each and every show.

    These shows certainly don't replace actually getting out and going, but they do take the edge off a little.

    'Till next time.............