• Captain Matt's Fishing tips for red fish, spotted sea trout and flounder

    While inshore fishing with Captain Matt Williams and Captain Garrett Ross both from Miss Judy Charters Duncan Kreps and fishing team had a great time. Captain Matt took Duncan Kreps and Dave Stoller inshore fishing. And Captain Garrett took David Kreps and Trent Rhymer fishing. When it all was said and done I received on heck of an unbelievable inshore fishing report. Now for those that are reading this report that do go inshore fishing this would definitely good information that you can use!

    Captain Mattís Team
    It went like this: His team wanted the best chance for catching red fish, spotted sea trout, or flounder. They preferred fishing for these fish even those tides were very high, water was muddy, and the wind was howling! Captain Matt decided to go artificial bait only fishing areas where he had caught trout before. So there he rigged all rod/reel used with ľ ounce jig and threaded on 4Ē XMAS TREE-Chart.Tail screw tail type lure.

    See picture below:

    Captain Matt Says. ďRigged these screw tails on ľ ounce jig head (red, black, white, or lead color will work) cast into targeted area and let it fall freely through the water column!Ē Now if you donít get a hit on the fall, let it sit a bit, twitch it, reel it a few turns, retrieve regular, and repeat. It is suggested to work the same area working different spots within range then moving on to new territory! (Set yourself up a imaginary grid) When you get a hit and do not hook up this is still your sign ďFish are here!Ē What did the team catch? Some really nice spotted sea trout!

    Captain Garrettís fishing team wanted this chance at catching some strong pulling fish. So therefore Captain Garrett came up with a plan to work the docks. As far as bait, he was using mud minnow under popping corks. Captain Garrett would pull up to a dock and make the suggestion on exactly where to cast their bait. Once the bait was in place it was suggested to pop the cork a few times and then make a slow attempt to retrieve. What did the fishing team catch? Some really nice black drum, spotted sea trout, and red fish!