• Kentucky Lake Fishing Report by Scott Patton

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  • I can help you get prepared for a tournament, get familiar with the lake, learn new techniques, or soft just have a great fishing trip! I serve Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley in the beautiful Land Between the Lakes area of Western Kentucky. This angler痴 paradise of over 200,000 acres of accessible fishing water lays claim to some of the world痴 finest freshwater sport fishing.

  • Kentucky Lake Fishing Report by Scott Patton

    The bass fishing on Kentucky Lake has been getting better each day. I知 seeing more fish and bait returning to their summer ledge areas. With all the high water we had a couple weeks ago and strong current its forced the bait and bass to seek lesser current areas which was in the creeks and back water areas.

    I知 still catching some bass on secondary ledges but I知 seeing more bait and bass moving out onto the main river ledges. The morning bite has been good and as the sun rises of course it slows down.

    The baits that I知 catching most of my fish on is a Drop shot. I知 using a ZOOM Z3 Swamp Crawler in Morning Dawn and I知 using ZOOMs, Z3 Original worm in morning dawn. I fish a Lews Custom Lite 610 rod, my line choice is 20lb Seaguar Braid with a Seaguar 8lb fluorocarbon leader. I like a 3/8 or 1/2 ounce Pro tungsten drop shot weight depending on the current.

    My next bait has been a ZOOM Ole Monster worm in Blue fleck or Plum on a ス or セ ounce Pro Tungsten weight. I will fish it on 15lb Seaguar fluorocarbon and a 7 ft or 74 Lews rod. Lastly, I致e caught some fish on a セ foot ball jig in green pumpkin and a Carolina rig with a ZOOM Trick worm Green Pumpkin and Morning Dawn.

    I do an on the water ledge class and I have dates open in June and July for guiding and my ledge class.

    Contact me at Scottpattonfishing.com 731-227-9499

    I guide full time on Kentucky Lake and Lake Okeechobee, along with fishing the BASS Master Opens.

    My sponsors are Phoenix Boats, ASC Marine, Pro Tungsten, Mercury, ZOOM, Lucky Craft, Kentucky Battery Outlet, Lowrance, Craw Cane, Heritage Fence, Power Pole, Seaguar, Lews, Gill, TH Marine,

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