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  • Keys to Deep Fishing

    As we progress further into the deep bite, there are some keys to getting bit and I will try to give you my ideas on making the ledge bite pay off for you. The first thing I can tell you is dedicate yourself to learning how to fish the deep bite, bring only your set-ups that you would use in 20 plus feet of water and figure it out.

    Once you have committed your day to getting better at fishing deep, you have the mind set to figure it out and that is an important part of being successful, without being committed your mind will keep playing games with you; so, stick with it. The next biggest part of deep fishing is understanding the position of the bass you are seeing on your electronics; it has everything to do with how you fish them.

    Bass position differently depending on the structure on the bottom and current changes their location, and without understanding the differences it hard to be successful. First and foremost, scan the bottom with your Lowrance Structure Scan and get an understanding of the bottom area your trying to fish. If the bottom is full of deep humps or sharp underwater drops these are the areas you are most likely to find the fish. Scan the tops of the depth changes looking for the bass, if you see them positioned at the top of the sharp drops these fish are in position to be caught. If the bottom is full of stumps, then the bass are probably located around the wood structure on the bottom; add the current to that with the wood and key in on the upside away from the current to find the bass. Bass will position on the upside of the structure to be in position to ambush bait.

    Lastly understand your bait selection, decide are you trying to bang the bottom, drag the bottom or move over the top of the bottom structure. These are keys to what bait selection is best. Crank baits bounce off the bottom, jigs are great for dragging along the bottom around the structure and heavy swim jigs are great to swim over the top of the bottom structure.